Sun, Sea & Sand

All of the above can play havoc with your hair, so what’s the best way to keep it sleek and shiny?

Summer is a shine killer for hair and if it’s coloured or bleached it can look even worse when it’s dried out. So, here’s our tips to keep on top of that shine. Keep it covered – when you’re out and about wear a hat. It also has the added bonus of protecting your face from the sun’s rays, but if you don’t have one, look for a spray on SPF protection for hair.

Give your hair a break – if you regularly blow dry and straighten your hair, let it dry naturally for a change. If it’s unmanageable without your straighteners, then tie back in a pony tail or braid, but don’t tie too tight.

If you’re in the pool or in the sea, make sure you rinse all the chlorine and salt out of your hair. Both of these will instantly dry your hair out.

Don’t recreate highlights – lots of women try putting lemon juice on their hair before sunbathing. It might get lighter, but it won’t look and feel healthy. Leave it to the experts for the best results.

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