Supernova: The Star Of The Summer

Master distiller Mark Long explains the ethos behind the legendary Cuckoo Gin, which has won numerous worldwide awards

It’s been an exciting few months for Brindle Distillery, which produces award-winning Cuckoo Gin. Not only has the distillery launched its fifth gin – Supernova, which is set to the be the star of the summer – it has also designed its own gin bottle with ‘Lancashire’ etched into the eco-friendly glass.

“We are so proud to be producing gin here in Lancashire so we thought it was fitting that it features on the bottle and we are also dedicated to sustainability so the new bottle is 50 per cent lighter than the previous ones and uses recycled glass, so it’s better for the environment,” explains Brindle’s director and master distiller, Mark Long.

Eighteen months in the making, the bespoke Cuckoo spirits bottle, ‘Shaped by Nature’, is made in Leeds and is a beautifully decorated adaptation of an off-the-shelf option which launched in 2017, when Brindle Distillery started handcrafting spirits on their Lancashire farm.

Today, the bottles are being used for gins across the Cuckoo range including the new Supernova – a gin that explodes with fresh grapefruit and pomelo.

Created over three years, Supernova features three different distillations of grapefruit – dried, fresh and Brindle’s specially created grapefruit oil – this has been blended with a juniper heavy gin base to give a real explosion of grapefruit with every sip!

Buzzing with natural honey produced on the distillery farm by Lancashire honeybees, and infused with mouth-watering raspberries, this refreshingly smooth gin is a wonderfully sweet and summery spirit.

With soothing, mellow and comforting aromas, Cuckoo Solace is a savoury combination of home-grown botanicals, teamed with olives and vibrant flavours of lemon and fresh grapefruit. A percentage of profits from each bottle sold is donated to Jo’s Cervical Cancer Trust to help raise awareness of cervical cancer screening.

Cuckoo Spiced Gin features clove, ginger, cinnamon, fennel and lemongrass, followed by spicy Tellicherry black pepper then mellowed with hints of jasmine, fig, rosehips and the unmistakable scent of tonka beans with a sharp orange finish.

Cuckoo Signature Gin is a complex, smooth gin. After a slightly sweet, piney juniper start, the flavour develops into citrus from orange, grapefruit and lemons. With a lingering taste of cinnamon spice and liquorice, Cuckoo Signature is dry on the finish with a peppery kick from coriander seeds.

For more information about the Cuckoo’s Nest bar and Cuckoo Tours and Workshops go to:

Brindle Distillery
Holmes Farm, Sandy Lane
Brindle PR6 8LZ
01772 323313



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