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Brindle Distillery are celebrating triple success, with their Cuckoo Supernova Gin winning Double Gold at the San Francisco Spirits Awards. Gail Bailey speaks to Director and Master Distiller, Mark Long to find out more

Our dedication to our craft and commitment to only using natural ingredients in our spirits has allowed us to create a delicious gin with strong, natural flavour. It’s something we’re very proud of and we are delighted our hard work has been recognised at the highest level,” explains Mark Long of Brindle Distillery.

With a judging panel made up of the most respected and experienced connoisseurs in the industry, the Double Gold Award at the San Francisco Spirits Awards is the highest accolade in the flavoured gin category, and Mark and his team were thrilled to receive it: “Other recent awards for Supernova have included the Gin Guide Award Best Flavoured Gin – a world-wide accolade, and a further top-level achievement of Master Gin, awarded by the Spirits Business Awards in 2021. All three awards in the same year it was launched,” adds Mark.

Supernova’s explosive fresh grapefruit flavour is attained without the use of artificial flavouring or sugars, unlike many other flavoured gins, and this is something of which Mark is especially proud: “Our flavoured gins are not what people are generally used to,” he explains. “We work hard to produce a crafted gin with completely natural, sustainably sourced ingredients, that allows the fresh flavours to come through.”

The team apply the same hard-working attitude to making spirits as they do to farming, which as a family, they have been doing since 1930: “From early starts, growing crops in our fields to the satisfaction we get writing batch numbers on our bottles – we’re able to oversee the entire process. Being hands-on at every stage enables us to create truly artisan spirits that are made with the dedication, care and passion you’ll only find on Holmes Farm,” says Mark.

Alongside the range of fabulous gins Brindle Distillery have created, there is also a wonderful Cuckoo Rum lightly infused with vanilla, cinnamon, clove, ginger and natural honey, made on the farm by their very own Lancashire honeybees – and look out for Supremo Columbian coffee infused vodka – a real treat for Espresso Martini lovers!

Inspired by the past but dedicated to the future, all the raw materials that go into making the spirits come directly from the farm or are sourced locally. A natural spring even delivers fresh spring water to the distillery, for both producing the spirits and for cooling Maggie – the still.

“Making the most of the natural resources we have on the farm is a good start,” Mark further adds. “But we’ve also made other commitments, putting all waste materials to good use. We heat our still with renewable energy biomass boilers and recycle our bottles, or re-use them by turning them into candle jars. Our cows are fed the spent grains from the distilling process and our pigs simply love tucking into the delicious used garnishes from the bar!”

Brindle Distillery
Holmes Farm, Sandy Lane, Brindle PR6 8LZ
01772 323313



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