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Acne can cause major problems for people, particularly young people who are going through hormonal changes. A combination of spots and scarring can leave people feeling stressed, anxious and very self-conscious

Since the age of 13, paralegal Emily had suffered from acne and had tried everything from doctors and dermatologists to numerous creams and tablets, none of which had worked.

For years Emily had a complicated and time-consuming make-up routine to cover up her skin. Even at school, where she was very popular with the teachers, she would be told off for wearing so much make-up. She regularly cancelled social events with friends and family as she felt so uncomfortable about her skin. 

Initially sceptical after reading an article about EMA Skin Aesthetics, she tried it as a last resort and has never looked back. Within three months of starting the treatments Emily’s skin had completely recovered and it has transformed her life.

Emily commented: “I honestly can’t believe the amazing transformation as a result of the treatments. It’s been three years now and my skin is now completely clear of any spots and scarring, it is unbelievable. It has been such a confidence boost for me.”

Emma used a range of specialist non-intrusive skin treatments throughout Emily’s journey to clearer skin, including:
• Oxygen therapy 
• Microdermabrasion 
• Mesotherapy Dermapen micro needling 
• Skin peels 
• Light therapy

Emily has been so impressed with the treatments that she has recommended Emma to at least a dozen family and friends, most of whom have booked appointments.

One of those was Chloe, a teacher who also suffered from acne and had tried numerous treatments that hadn’t worked. Chloe commented: “Your face is the first thing people see and it therefore makes you very self-conscious if you suffer from acne. Emma used a combination of micro needling and light therapy and this has transformed my skin. Over the years I have spent a fortune on creams and make up, but I would much rather spend the money on Emma’s treatments and have clear and healthy skin.”

Emma, the founder and Director of EMA Skin Aesthetics has had an outstanding career for 18 years and her primary aim is to enable her clients to look and feel confident about their appearance.

Her clinical and beauty commitment to her clients is achieving timeless, astounding results, through administering scientifically-proven and pioneering, cutting-edge treatments.

Emily concluded: “Most people don’t understand how distressing it can be suffering from skin conditions, it can literally affect every aspect of your life. Having an expert like Emma who specialises in skin treatments can literally transform your whole life. She is phenomenal and worth every penny.”

EMA Skin Aesthetics Ltd
Upstairs at Toni & Guy
86 Fishergate, Preston PR1 2NJ
01772 821600
07547 802062



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