Taking Nature’s Course

If you’re troubled by a persistent health problem, this local clinic might just help you find the natural answer. Photography: Roger Moore

It seems straightforward enough, if you have a health problem, you consult your GP and a course of treatment is prescribed to make you better.

Unfortunately, though, for some people, it is anything but straightforward and, despite everyone’s best efforts, they are still living with the pain, discomfort or worry of a lingering health issue.

If this sounds like you, you may be interested to know there is an established clinic near Garstang which offers a different route to tackling the underlying causes of many everyday health conditions and illnesses.

The Clinic of Natural Medicine, run by Janet Wrathall, offers natural remedies aimed at harnessing the body’s own healing energy to restore health. Since lockdown, Janet has been running the thriving clinic, previously in the centre of Garstang, from her home nearby and is seeing patients in the UK and beyond via Zoom or over the telephone.

Janet has over 17 years’ clinical experience in naturopathic medicine and is fortunate enough to have trained under some of the world’s leading practitioners, in the UK, Dublin and New York. She is also a living embodiment of the effectiveness of natural therapies, having overcome several health challenges of her own, including ME, breast cancer, depression and Lyme disease, using naturopathic treatments.

As a registered naturopathic doctor, Janet has trained in anatomy, physiology and pathology (the study of diseases). With additional expertise in herbal medicine, homeopathy, nutrition and quantum medicine, she endeavours to understand how the body works and tries to piece together the reasons why the system may become imbalanced.

“Our field is surprisingly scientific, combining elements of bio-medical science, bio-chemistry and quantum medicine with the principles of naturopathic medicine, making it an excellent route for treating a whole range of health issues,” says Janet.

Cases range from skin conditions and digestive issues to chronic presentations like Tourette’s, Parkinson’s and diabetes. “As naturopathic doctors, just like our GP colleagues, we don’t have all the answers,” says Janet. “However, through analytical study and daily research of medical data from both realms of medicine, we try to find new solutions to chronic presentations.”

Current naturopathy research suggests that causes of such conditions can include environmental toxins (including heavy metal toxicity from dental fillings), lifestyle issues, nutrition, emotional trauma and stress. Janet also works closely with biological dentists, a very important element in treatment protocols.

“We try to address all these possible causes to get positive outcomes,” says Janet. “The work is very intense and focused but also very rewarding, especially when you see people with chronic disease blossom with good health again.”

Janet Wrathall ND, B Ed, H Ir, Dip Herb, Dip FCT, MANP, FRSPH, MGNI
The Clinic of Natural Medicine
PO Box 868, Preston PR3 9DR
01995 605446



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