Taste of Game Evening

The Forest of Bowland Moorland Group showcased the sustainability of wild game meat recently at a charity evening, ahead of Great British Game Week

A charity ‘Taste of Game’ evening was hosted by the Forest of Bowland Moorland Group (FoBMG) at the Over Wyresdale Parish Hall, Abbeystead, to highlight the credentials of game meat from hill to plate as well as to raise vital funds for the Samaritans and the Olive Branch.

The event offered a hands-on opportunity to learn how to prepare and cook game meat, with guests sampling their own handmade culinary delights on the night which included grouse, pheasant and partridge.

All attending were given a free game pie, donated and prepared by the chefs from Wild and Game.

Demonstrations were conducted by chef Harriet MacArthur from Main Course, Lancaster, a family run business which caters for all events, including lunches and picnics for shooting parties out on grouse moors, Simon Whitehead, a professional rabbit controller who demonstrated how to prepare bunny burgers and Silver Sheldon from Hadrian’s Game, who made her famous pheasant goujons.

Gamekeepers were also in attendance to help out with the game preparation demonstrations.

Just under £4,000 was raised on the night with all proceeds going to the Samaritans and the Olive Branch, a voluntary group in Lancaster that was established in 2004 serving free meals to the homeless.

Helen Foster, coordinator of the Forest of Bowland Moorland Group, said: “We are delighted that our charity Taste of Game evening was such a success and it is heartening to know that we have so much community support. Combining a food event with a charity fund raiser was a great opportunity to break down the barriers that are associated with cooking wild game and encourage more people to enjoy such delicious and healthy locally sourced meat.”



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