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Live Magazines’ Tedd Walmsley takes a zero-tolerance stance on anti-social behaviour, asks why so many private entrepreneurs struggle to get planning permission and uncovers a little-known piece of Clitheroe history

I had hoped my article this month would have been full of Christmas cheer – tidings of comfort and joy and lots of positive updates. Sadly bah humbug is more appropriate.

I was horrified to read about an attack byyouths on a chap in the early hours of themorning in the middle of Whalley. Who arethese youths, why are they out roaming thestreets and where do they live? It’s not so longago Whalley was voted one of the best places tolive in the UK so what on earth has changed andmore importantly – what’s to be done about it?

Sadly, this may involve more policing andmore CCTV, but who pays for this? I’mkeeping a very close eye on the case andintend to discuss with the parish council andindeed RVBC. How on earth are we going to keepthe streets safe? Kind as it was for Kellie Hughesto offer to pay for more CCTV, I feel RVBC willneed to dig deep into their Scrooge-like reservesto help out. There’s also to be no repeats ofthis and the mindless exploits of delinquents inWhalley Abbey – many, like me, have a zerotolerancepolicy on this behaviour.

I’ve been contacted by a few disgruntledprivate sector entrepreneurs who have fallenfoul of RVBC planning. Whilst not goinginto detail, a common feature appears to be thearbitrary refusal to grant permissions for workto improve existing buildings or creating newfrom dilapidation and generally adding to theirenvironments. I’ve no doubt RVBC planningofficers and committee will argue the semantics– the harsh reality is we need the private sectorto continue to invest in the Ribble Valley.They create employment, generally use localcompanies and bring in more tourist pounds. Iknow there is no bonus available as per the bighouse builders, but I implore the council to workwith, and not against, the private sector. Weshould all have one common goal not petty pointscoringagendas.

One positive was to see Bob Geldardfinally get approval on his extension atthe Buck in Grindleton. Hard-foughtand with some changes, it will be great to see apub re-open in the village – there has been onethere for 200 years up until recently.

Did you know that Clitheroe has threemediaeval town wells? Me neither. Nordid I know that Clitheroe Civic Societyand Clitheroe Town Wells Group have been inbattle with RVBC to claim ownership of them.Why, you might ask? Well, it appears thereare grants available from Historic England andpartnerships with universities that can enablerenovation and lead to them becoming part ofthe town’s history trail. What I don’t understandand neither do the 1900 plus people who signeda recent petition, is why RVBC wouldn’t want toclaim ownership. They could drive the renovationand create some positive PR. In a recent meetingthe town crier put this argument to full councilbut, like with so many things, time goes slowly sowe’ll have to wait and see how this long drawnoutfiasco pans out.

On the same subject of long and drawnout – no news on the ‘Mumbai’ streetsI’m afraid. Positive discussions, butno dates.

I’m hoping that we all get behind our localindependent retailers this Christmas andsupport the high streets. I’d asked the councilto get involved with a campaign in this magazinebut am yet to hear back. A real shame and anotheropportunity missed to create relationships withthe private sector.

I wish everyone a very merry Christmas and ahealthy, happy and prosperous New Year.



Tedd Walmsley

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