Ribble Cycles is a world beating Lancashire brand – Gail Bailey visited their state-of-the-art new showroom to find out more

Crossing three centuries, and still hand assembling bikes, Ribble Cycles are proving that they are a global world class brand.

“The company has the same ethos it has always had,” explains Head of Sales and Retail Fraser Hamilton. “We absolutely put our customers’ needs first and know that everyone is unique – at Ribble we ensure that customers leave us with a bike that is their perfect fit, both in terms of dimensions and usage.”

Some famous names that have owned a Ribble are testament to their excellence. Geraint Thomas, Bradley Wiggins and Chris Boardman have all owned a Ribble as well as Head of Product Jamie Burrow, who is a former US Postal Team pro, and now oversees the design of Ribble’s award-winning bike range.

Technology is pivotal to everything the company does and this includes the new showroom which houses Europe’s largest indoor video wall, along with Ribble’s BikeBuilder tool and a digital tablet by each model enabling customers to see immediately each of the bikes’ key features: “Our business model is unique. We recognise that buying a bike is a big purchase and our team, who are all passionate bike enthusiasts, work hard to ensure that customers leave with the perfect bike for them. Our team aren’t driven by targets – we have a consistent message and customer satisfaction is always our driving force,” Fraser adds.

Lockdown has seen more and more of us revisit or even take up cycling for the first time, and this has been significantly helped by the emergence of a new generation of e-bikes: “There is no longer a stigma around the e-bike,” Fraser says. “They are often the first step for many people, who then either keep them or graduate onto a regular bike. One thing that always gives us the greatest satisfaction is what we call the ‘e-bike smile’ – people can’t help but just beam when they try one out!”

Ribble Cycles have the worlds lightest and most technologically advanced range of electric bikes on the market.

“People choose an electric bike for many reasons. It may be a generational thing, a health issue or even just a cyclist who wants to be able to go further at the push of a button – and the beauty of our electric bikes is that you can no longer tell the difference as they look like any other bike. Not a bulky battery in sight! E-bikes are a real problem-solver for many people.”

Fraser gave me a tour of the showroom, so I was able to experience the exceptional service and technology first-hand. There is an array of bikes on display from mountain, road and electric bikes to hybrid and track, and they really do cater for the complete novice right through to the professional. The flagship showroom attracts people from all over the country and it’s easy to see why: “Even though the website is usually the first port of call for most customers the showroom enables them to really have that ‘touch and feel’ experience, to be able to walk around each bike, speak to the team, be sized by an expert and feel confident about their choice,” explains Fraser.

Once I had chosen my e-bike, a CGR AL e Road Bike, Fraser demonstrated how easy it was to use the BikeBuilder tool to choose the specific frame, colour, finish, seat, handlebar – and I could even save my choice, go home and re-visit it online. Customers are able to visit the store or access the virtual showroom team as many times as needed until they feel happy that they have found the right bike. The final purchase is easy to make too – done online or instore – and they can have their bike delivered or collect in person with the confidence that one mechanic has built it from start to finish in Preston.

Ribble Cycles are keeping focused on the future and know they are enablers in the market as our work lives change and our passion to reduce our carbon footprint also becomes more important to us all: “We accept that usage in the UK will begin to change for cyclists,” Fraser says. “We are already seeing initiatives in Manchester and across the country which hope to get more and more people cycling to work and using bikes for much more than leisure. This concept will become more common – it’s an exciting time for the cycling sector and an exciting time for us all here at Ribble Cycles.”

Ribble Cycles
Unit 1 Barrow Brook Trade Park
Barrow Brook, Clitheroe BB7 9BQ

Monday to Friday: 9.00-20.00
Saturday: 9.00-18.00
Sunday: 11.00-17.00



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