The Future of Cycling

Sarah de Waard talks to I Cycle Clitheroe to find out why the e-bike revolution is about to take off. Photography:

With a huge range of electric bikes from the world’s leading manufacturers, I Cycle Clitheroe is one of the first dedicated e-bike shops in Lancashire.

Business Development Manager Charlotte Evans is on a mission to show that e-bikes are the future of cycling, offering a host of benefits over regular road bikes and cars.

She tells me: “There is a misconception that e-bikes are somehow ‘cheating’, or that they are perhaps for older people, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. If you consider e-bikes as an alternative to a car then they provide a fantastic, environmentally friendly way to commute or get around in a way that people just wouldn’t be able to otherwise.

“The range on offer is suitable for anyone. They provide everyone with the means to go further than they would be able to on a normal bike, extending what people can already do, be that the daily commute or riding up a previously intimidating hill! We find that as soon as someone hops on an electric bike, they’re converted, but people have to be open to trying them!”

Another key benefit is that electric transport is clean and environmentally friendly, as well as being incredibly good value for money compared to running a car. “Imagine the positive impact if every household just had one car for longer journeys and electric bikes for all of their shorter journeys,” Charlotte says. “Also, regular cycling can be off-putting when you don’t want to arrive at your destination perspiring! Electric bikes provide the power required to remove this obstacle, making journeys so much more enjoyable.

“Importantly, the health benefits of cycling are still present as the rider still has to pedal the whole time they are on an electric bike, albeit with assistance. Regular cyclists (including e-bike cyclists) have been shown to be happier and healthier and enjoy their journeys more.”

I Cycle have a huge range of electric bikes from the world’s leading manufacturers in their large showroom in Clitheroe and the staff have personally tried, tested and selected the best ones on the market. There are electric folding bikes, mountain bikes, road bikes, commuter bikes and leisure bikes, and all of the bikes in the shop are available to test ride and ‘try before you buy’.

Charlotte summarises: “We don’t do the hard sell. We want people to try an electric bike to see what they’re about. We think everyone will love it and we believe the e-bike revolution is about to take off – starting in Clitheroe!”

I Cycle
Unit 1 North Street, Clitheroe BB7 1PG
01200 439110



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