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If you’re planning your dream kitchen, there’s a team of experts on your doorstep who can turn your kitchen dreams into reality, writes Kate Ford

A fabulous new kitchen will transform any home, providing an exciting new space to cook, eat and socialise with family and friends. Often the heart of a home, you want your kitchen to feel welcoming, to look great and, of course, to function in exactly the way you want it to. Expert planning and intelligent design are essential and, luckily, both can be found in abundance at Howdens Joinery in Garstang.

The team at Howdens are passionate about everything to do with kitchens.

They offer a huge range of kitchen styles to suit every taste. From rustic farmhouse to state-of-the-art modern, there’s a Howden’s collection that is perfect for your home. They understand that, as well as being functional, a kitchen needs to be desirable, and they will offer inspirational advice to help you to achieve exactly the look you want.

A hugely successful national operation, Howdens feels very local because it works in partnership with the skilled tradespeople in your area, delivering a kitchen design, supply and installation service for local homeowners. “We offer a very personal service, tailored to your individual requirements,” says Tim Smart, manager of Howdens in Garstang. “We will work with your builder to ensure you have the kitchen of your dreams, when you want it and within budget.”

Howdens believe that your own trusted builder or joiner is the best person to fit your kitchen to a professional standard and that is why its only sells to trade. However, you can still go along to see them in Garstang, have a chat about what you want, see the range of kitchens on offer and start the ball rolling.

“We’re delighted to welcome people to the showroom, either with their builder or on their own,” says Tim “If a customer doesn’t already have a builder or joiner, then we will help them find one, we will ensure our kitchens will be professionally fitted, to an excellent standard, every time.”

One of their latest design ideas is the ‘linear look’, sleek, modern and minimal. Gleaming units, super-efficient appliances, slimline worktops and stylish lighting all combine to create a feeling of luxury and comfort which cannot be beaten. These are kitchens which will work hard for you and will look absolutely fabulous at the same time.

With over 70 different styles available, plus an almost bewildering choice of handles, accessories, storage solutions and finishes, it can make choosing quite difficult and that’s where Howdens’ kitchen design service comes into play. Expert kitchen designer, Luke Cain, has over 11 years’ experience, knows the product inside out and specialises in creating designs with a real ‘wow factor’.

“We’ll visit customers in their homes to see the space we need to work with and to find out exactly how they want their kitchen to work for them,” explains Luke. “Then we’ll send them a choice of designs, both on paper and on 3D video, so they can visualise how the finished kitchen will look.”

Once you’ve narrowed your choice down to a particular style, you can visit the showroom for a large screen presentation of your kitchen, making any final adjustments until it is exactly how you want it. You can view and select your appliances and finishing touches, such as handles and mixer taps, the little things that make your kitchen perfect for you.

“And, one of the best things about our business is that, once you’ve made your selection and agreed your design, everything your builder needs will be here and ready to be delivered straight away,” says Tim. “There’s no eight-week lead time with us. You can have your kitchen fitted as soon as you and your builder are ready, whether that’s in a couple of weeks’ time or tomorrow.”

As it’s a national company, manufacturing units and dealing with orders on a nationwide scale, Howdens can pass its economies of scale on to its customers. “Similarly, we don’t have super fancy showrooms,” adds Tim.

So, if you’re starting to think that your kitchen is looking a little tired, have a browse of the Howdens website to see the huge range of styles available.

Or better still, pop into the showroom in Garstang to chat to Tim, Luke and the team, who certainly know a good kitchen design when they see one.

Howdens Joinery Garstang
Unit 1, Manor Park
Green Lane West
Garstang PR3 1NJ
01995 282000



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