Due to popular demand, Victor Yu has devised a fantastic Yu Express takeout menu so customers can enjoy their fabulous food at home

Chinese takeaway has just reached a whole new level with a first-class Express Menu from award-winning Yu.

Blazing a trail within the industry, Yu Copster Green has become synonymous with Chinese-style fine dining.

Now, Victor Yu is launching Yu Express, a ground-breaking takeaway menu featuring fresh seasonal Chinese dishes using locally sourced, top quality ingredients.

“This isn’t going to be typical Chinese takeaway,” Victor explains. “Yu is associated with refined Chinese dishes, we are at the top end of the market and the new Yu Express menu, will reflect this. Some of the dishes on the takeaway menu are from the restaurant others are totally new. But customers can be assured that they are all top quality and at a great price point.”

Like the restaurant, the Yu Express Menu will change with the seasons – market fresh fish such as fillet of sea bass from Hodgsons, supplier to Michelin-starred restaurants, will feature on the takeout menu along with top quality duck from local supplier Penny’s.

Vegetarian, vegan, dairy and gluten free options also feature prominently, reflecting today’s changing tastes and choices.

“Our hope is that customers will buy a takeaway and get the excellent Yu experience at home. People are living busier lives and they are eating differently – the vegan and vegetarian sector of the menu reflects this.”

Yu Express has been 12 months in the making, during which time Victor has carefully selected everything from chopsticks and packaging to which dishes will feature on the menu.

“We have done a tremendous amount of research,” adds Victor. “We have looked at which dishes our customers want and if the food will travel well in the packaging, as we want customers to have the very best experience of a takeaway. Yu has the best sweet and sour in the industry so customers aren’t getting the normal basic standard takeaway, they are getting the best.”

“Our salt and pepper chips are hand cut and triple cooked but we didn’t want them to go soggy so we have chosen American style cartons to keep them just as they would be if served in the restaurant.”

Victor has also devised a special children’s Chinese ‘Bento Box’ menu: “You don’t tend to think about children when ordering a takeaway but I have a small child, so I know what kids like. They tend to love the noodles and the chicken, but sometimes they’re not keen on the vegetables so we package them separately. The Bento boxes also come with prawn crackers, a fortune cookie and chopsticks, which children love to try – it becomes so much more of an interesting experience for them.”

Yu Express, which launched earlier this month, is set to open up a whole new world for those who love takeaways. Customers can order by phone – the menu is on the website, and looking to the future Victor is hoping to launch an app enabling customers to order online.

“We want our customers to be really happy with the food they are getting. This is Chinese food that is healthy and fresh, it looks and tastes amazing. We want Yu Express to be a fantastic experience!”

Tuesday to Saturday: 5.30pm-late
Sunday: 5pm-9.30pm

Yu Copster Green
500 Longsight Road
Copster Green BB1 9EU
01254 240665



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