Owner of The Pilates Room, Catherine Mould shares her thoughts on detoxing and switching bad habits for good ones. Photography: Robin Lyndon

For many the month of October is linked with detoxing. We now have ‘Stoptober’ for those wanting to quit smoking and ‘Sober for October’ for those looking to cut back on their alcohol intake. In recent years it has become a tradition to enjoy a month of cleansing the body before the busy festive season (and all the treats that come along with it!), but not everyone realises the benefits that some light exercise can bring to your detox programme.

For Catherine, the concept of a healthy lifestyle change in terms of what you put into your body teams well with a new exercise regime. Catherine says: “Cutting habits and forming new ones takes discipline and determination, but it is well-known that exercise can help to speed up the detox processes in the body. I believe yoga and Pilates are a really good place to start. With low-impact movements designed to tone and strengthen the body and mind, it is the best way to gently introduce regular exercise into your day-to-day schedule.”

With a particular focus on muscular and respiratory control, balance, concentration, precision and efficiency, Pilates is a great form of exercise for isolating and working on localised areas of the body. Catherine has found that her customers have reported noticing positive changes in as little as 4-6 sessions, feeling taller and lighter, more balanced and more toned.

With The Pilates Room’s studio space now within Penwortham’s Trybe Hot Yoga studio, clients can find all their workout needs serviced under one roof, and Catherine sees the combination of two disciplines as a great pairing to boost your detox. “Although Pilates and yoga share their similarities, there are differences between the two disciplines and each will provide different benefits. Yoga is an ancient form of movement centred around spiritual connection and is great for boosting relaxation whilst providing a workout. The poses are strong and are often held for a few seconds, sometimes even minutes! Pilates is a more dynamic form of exercise, with movements being repeated to build core muscles, increase muscle memory and stabilisation.

These disciplines complement each other perfectly, and introducing both into your exercise regime will give greater flexibility and increase your balance and core strength.”

The Pilates Room
44a Liverpool Road
Penwortham, Preston PR1 0DQ
07788 969199

Trybe Hot Yoga Studio
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