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We all want to live our lives to the fullest for as long as possible, writes Victoria Bamber

Spiral Health’s work increases independence and makes a proactive, positive difference to people with neurological conditions.

The company offers neurophysiotherapy tailored to people who have had their motor skills or physical abilities impacted in some way. Designed to improve, maintain or slow the onset of symptoms, Spiral Health treat people with a range of conditions, including those who have had a stroke, Parkinson’s, multiple sclerosis, acquired brain injuries, or any other neurological condition.

“We want to give people their sense of independence back,” explains Kayleigh Clitheroe, head of therapies at Spiral Health. “These days, people are much more proactive about looking after their health and making a difference to their own lives. We work on posture, movement and function to ensure we maximise and improve someone’s quality of life.”

Working alongside the NHS, but sitting independently, Spiral Health offer a bespoke, flexible and private service to clients who will benefit from neurophysiotherapy. Personal, professional and innovative therapy can be used in conjunction with other treatments and can be offered after a patient has been discharged from medical care.

“We work with all our clients to develop goals and all our treatments are tailored to meet individual needs and expectations,” says Kayleigh. “Goals can range from making a cup of tea, to walking to the shops, anything that improves their independence and gives that sense of achievement.”

Beginning with a telephone consultation, Spiral Health’s treatments can be booked on a one-off, ad-hoc or regular basis. Because Spiral Health is a social enterprise, investing all funds back into the business and community for the benefit of clients, prices are affordable and accessible, and can sometimes be covered by private health insurance or a court order if applicable.

“Spiral Health offers flexibility in all aspects of our work,” explains Kayleigh. “We offer treatment at home, in residential homes, or at the Blackpool Centre for Independent Living. Whatever works best for the person involved. For some, a home setting can be more comfortable or practical, and for others, the social aspect of the centre is beneficial.”

The misconception around neurophysiotherapy is that only the elderly benefit from the treatments. “We have clients from 30 right up to 101,” says Kayleigh. “It’s the relationships built alongside the rehabilitation process that’s a joy to witness.”

The future is looking bright for Spiral Health, with plans to expand to central and east Preston alongside Blackpool, Fylde and Wyre. It’s also looking to introduce a base in Preston city centre, so that as many people as possible in the local area can access treatments.

Spiral Health’s price list is as follows:
Assessment at home: £75
Assessment at Blackpool Centre for Independent Living: £70
Treatment at the Blackpool Centre for Independent Living (60 mins): £65
Treatment at own home (45 mins): £55
Treatment at the Blackpool Centre for Independent Living (45 minutes): £50
Treatment at Blackpool Centre for Independent Living (30 mins): £30
Treatment at own home (30 mins): £35
Occupational Therapy Home Assessment: £70

Spiral Health
01253 955 955



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