These stunning clocks are made by artist Craig Anthony who is celebrating his 10th year of clock-making

We’ve all been guilty of owning the same old clock for way too many years. Typically the clocks we choose are circular, they have a loud tick and all too often they are made of plastic – and that’s what sets these stunning clocks apart from the rest.

Glass artist and clockmaker Craig Anthony has been getting lots of attention recently as he was a finalist in the Etsy Global Design Awards and to commemorate the clocks going forward on 29th March, as well as celebrating his 10 year anniversary of clock-making, he plans to unveil his latest batch of glassworks which will be obtainable via his website as well as his Etsy store.

Measuring a sleek and slender 24” x 6” these clocks can fit anywhere in your home and with the option of adding an oak stand means that they are also perfect for window sills or bedside tables.

But wait, there’s more!

If you really want to impress your visitors go ahead and get yourself the upgraded oak stands. These feature remote control ambient backlighting and you’ll be stunned at how beautiful they look at nightime.

If it’s ‘time’ for a change and you are seeking to add a dash of elegance to your walls or add a sprinkle of colour to the window sill, you will be spoilt for choice when you see the entire collection.

They really are a beautiful way to tell the time.

Craig Anthony launched his decorative arts company Reformations to enable him to introduce his work to a wider audience and feed his passion for making.

His work has functional elements combined with highly decorative and abstract attributes and takes inspiration from the natural world. Living in rural mid-Wales, a landscape that contains open moorland, mountains, woods, lakes and rivers Craig is surrounded by the shifting patterns and colours that feed his creativity.

Each unique creation is handmade in his studio.

Clocks from £49




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