Time To Throw Away The Scales

If you’ve ever been on a diet or tried to lose weight then you’ll know the pain of either the scales not showing a lower number or things dropping and then going back up again

Ever wondered why that happened even when you feel more toned? You’ve might have heard before that muscle weighs more than fat. But that’s not entirely true. Muscle is more dense than fat.
You might have also heard someone say: “I’ve not lost any weight, but I feel like I’m more toned up.”

But, how do you really know?

This is where those weigh scales at home really let you down. They aren’t accurate. In fact, these scales don’t give you all the details, and if you weigh yourself twice you’ll often see two different readings!

Your body is made up of water, muscle, bone and fat, but when you step on the scales you’ll only see a total amount of all of those things combined (even a decent set of scales does the same poor job).

The good news? You don’t need to stay in the dark any longer. The Inbody 770 is one of the best body composition scanners on the market to date! This amazing machine accurately gives a true reading of your body’s composition. It also provides detailed information on hydration, cell health and basal metabolic rate. So, you can now find out once and for all how many calories a day your body is burning.

Have you ever wondered why the scales don’t seem to go down even when you’ve tracked all of your daily calories and never gone over?

This body scanner shows you exactly how to get your body in the best shape of your life.

How? By showing you what’s going on inside your body (like how much visceral fat – the bad kind – you have covering your organs).

It’s time to throw away the scales and finally get an accurate reading of who you are. Call us today.

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