As she plans her own wedding, Olivia Beaty discovers it’s hard to know where to begin!

When planning a wedding, making a ‘to-do’ list is probably a good way to start. My advice is to first decide on bridesmaids, so they will be there to help you from the very beginning. So, ‘Will you be my bridesmaid?’ is the second most important question when planning a wedding!

Your bridesmaids are there to support you and help plan your special day and make sure everything runs smoothly! So whether you choose a sister, best friend or another family member they have an important role to play!

Take them along to wedding shows and fairs and make a day of it, enjoy a glass of Prosecco or two while getting ideas for the big day. Invite them to join you on the quest to find your perfect dress – you can count on them to tell you how you look.

Deciding on a venue can be difficult especially as we have so many stunning locations in the Ribble Valley. Is traditional your style or perhaps quirky or modern? Make sure it’s got a perfect backdrop for the photographs!

Next, on to the guest list and invitations and then to the table plans – family politics starts here!

I have learnt you can never have too many flowers or photographs – and the more confetti the better. Everyone tells me that the day will pass by quickly, so enjoy every second.

Here’s to a long and happy marriage!



Tedd Walmsley

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