The motivation, when Maurizio and Cinzia Bocchi first planted their roots in the heart of rural Lancashire more than 12 years ago, was to ensure that visitors experience a real taste of Italian food culture, writes Phil Keenan. Photography:

Italian food culture embraces conviviality and pleasure, and taking time to enjoy a meal with family and friends is one of the main ingredients of any Italian dish. This, you will find, is something that’s also fully embraced in the culture at La Locanda and customers are encouraged to slow down and savour the experience, the pace is never rushed.

True Italian food is also very simple and, often, the essential element is the use of the freshest ingredients as Italians generally only eat and cook what is grown and reared locally. This philosophy is also reflected in the menus at La Locanda and the majority of produce used is sourced directly from local producers.

Tradition also plays a big part in Italian food culture and Italians can be very narrow-minded when it comes to the food they eat, even to the extent of rejecting regional variations of dishes and only adhering to local recipes. This, however, isn’t the case at La Locanda and Maurizio loves to research the ingredients and dishes of other Italian regions, and bring these to visitors in La Locanda’s frequently changing, seasonal menus.

Another way for La Locanda customers to experience these regional variations of ingredients and dishes is to attend one of the many themed dinner events they organise. Usually accompanied by a presentation from a wine or food producer, they offer a really interesting insight into the differences of regional food habits and take you on a gastronomic tour of Italy’s regions without the need for you to leave Lancashire.

This month, on 7th February, La Locanda will be welcoming Giorgio Pelissero, a wine estate owner from one of Italy’s most prestigious wine producing regions, Barbaresco. The night will feature a six-course dinner with dishes typical of the Piedmont region, where the estate is located, and each course will be carefully paired with one of their top-quality wines.

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