Transforming Women’s Health

In a pioneering move, this Lancashire hospital near Preston is launching a unique new service which puts women’s health firmly in the spotlight, writes Kate Ford

When it comes to women’s health, there are few who can claim the wealth of experience, expertise and knowledge as amassed by consultant obstetrician and gynaecologist, Mr Khalil Abdo.

One of the leading experts in this area, Khalil has teamed up with Greater Lancashire Hospital (GLH) to develop a new service which promises to transform women’s healthcare in the county. The new fully integrated women’s health service will cover all areas of women’s health, specialising particularly in reproductive health and gynaecology.

The clinic will also offer IVF services, in conjunction with the Reproductive Health Group in Warrington, with many stages of the process being undertaken at GLH itself. This means that the service will be one of the first in Lancashire to offer integrated women’s health, gynaecology and fertility services locally.

Located in Preston, GLH is an independently owned, private hospital offering outpatient and diagnostic facilities in several disciplines, including cardiology, dermatology, orthopaedics and general medicine. This exciting new service, commencing this summer, will put the Hospital at the forefront of women’s healthcare delivery in the North West.

Khalil Abdo describes the new service as a ‘see and treat’ clinic, where patients will benefit from in-house testing and diagnostics, enabling them to be given a clear outcome after just one visit. “This will be a multi-disciplinary, consultant-led clinic, supported by specialist nurses,” he says.

“So, there will be a phlebotomist on hand to take bloods and a sonographer available to undertake an ultrasound scan, there and then, if required.”

“We’re cutting out the weeks of waiting between each stage of treatment. After just one visit, patients will feel they’ve made definite progress and have some certainty about the next step.”

From puberty through to the end of the reproductive years and beyond, many women will experience gynaecological or related difficulties at some stage. Common complaints include painful, irregular or heavy periods and issues related to the menopause, whereas more complicated concerns might include a prolapse or fertility problems.

It’s clear from talking to Khalil, that he is genuinely interested in women’s health and determined to provide a service which is as seamless and stress-free as possible. With almost 30 years’ experience of treating fertility patients and women in general, he has developed an understanding and sympathetic approach which encourages patients to be open about their concerns.

“A woman might be struggling to conceive, suffering from debilitating menopause symptoms or trying to cope with painful periods,” says Khalil.

“Others might want to check their fertility potential or are considering preserving their eggs for future use.”

“Whatever it is, we will find a way forward. It’s not always possible to give guarantees but we can point to our success rates and these speak for themselves.”

The clinic opening will be announced on the hospital’s website and then, anyone with any concerns can simply ring to make an appointment.

Greater Lancashire Hospital
Wyder Court, Millennium City Park
Preston PR2 5BW
01772 663977



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