Travelling Light – Or Not!

When I’ve been stood at the check in desk I’m always amazed at the size and the amount of luggage people take away with them, writes Tracy Hargreaves

Now they might be going on a round the world trip, but chances are if they are in the queue for Zante, probably not. But what are the things that people don’t think about taking away with them? They might be small, but you never know when you might need them.

1. A pen. No one ever seems to have a pen when travelling (except me, who always seems to have a bag full). They are in fact necessities for filling out customs forms and important documents.

2. Small notepad. Well, if your phone gets stolen you will need a pen and a notepad to write down important details.

3. Ibuprofen. Essential for those headaches after long delays, altitude, jet lag or a hangover.

4. Plasters. Chances are you’ve taken a new pair of shoes away with you that you haven’t worn before. Our feet swell up in the heat and can cause painful blisters. Pop a few in your bag and you’ll be glad of them.

5. Large scarf. This has many uses. Not only can you wear it in the evening if there’s a nip in the air, but it can be used as a blanket on chilly planes or on over air-conditioned buses. It can also be useful if you need to cover your shoulders if you are visiting churches or mosques.

6. Flatpacks. You can roll out all the air when packing a coat or bulky sweater by using a flat pack organiser, making them great to use for those bulky items.

7. Moneybelt. Keep your essential items on you at all times and hidden. Just take out enough money for the day so if you do get pickpocketed you won’t lose everything.

8. Safetypins. You never know when you might need these. For lost buttons or zips that break, you’ll definitely find a use for them.

9. Santizing gel/wipes. When we are travelling we often don’t feel clean and we get sweaty. Pack some hand gel and facewipes so at least you will feel cleaner and fresher.

10. Packing cubes. These are an essential for every traveller. They keep your things neat and compact, making your bag more organised, more efficient and light weight.

Whether you’re travelling for six days or six months, everything you pack should have a purpose and you might be glad of that one random item that you threw in at the last minute.



Tedd Walmsley

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