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For some reason, we don’t make a big thing of Father’s Day in this country, but what exactly is its origin? Asks Tracy Hargreaves

Usually Father’s Day in the UK falls on the third Sunday of June, but it’s not celebrated on the same day around the world. In Italy and Spain, the Festa del Papà and Día del Padre is celebrated on 19th March respectively. In the Ukraine September is the month and in Indonesia it’s 12th November.

But where does it come from? Well there seems to be two stories behind the day. According to one tale, it comes from an orphaned American woman from West Virginia, who was inspired by one of the worst US mining disasters in history killing 362 local men. She lobbied her local Methodist ministers for a church service to honour fathers in 1908.

The second explanation? Sonora Dodd, the daughter of a civil war veteran was motivated to honour her father who had brought up six children by himself after his wife died in childbirth. She decided there was a need to celebrate Father’s Day.

Today retailers have plenty of ideas of what to buy your dad. Gone are the days when afternoon teas were just a treat for mum. Special gentlemen’s afternoon teas are gaining in popularity, where steak and ale pie and sausage rolls replace dainty salmon and cucumber sandwiches and cake.

Specialised gift shops offer everything from gentleman’s coasters, to money clips and wash bags. More quirky ideas include a garden trowel bottle opener, bluetooth bike speaker, a portable briefcase BBQ grill or travel poker set. And if none of those appeal, you could always stick to the obligatory tie or socks.

But if your dad’s wardrobe is overflowing with barely worn ties and socks then maybe it’s time for a change of direction. How about an adventure day? It can be a food and drink experience, football, flying or driving day or even a pamper.

So, buy a special gift for your special dad. Whatever it is he will be sure to love it.



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