Put your skin in the hands of experts, and benefit from new lower prices, at the award winning, doctor-led RejuvaMed Skin Clinic, writes Sarah de Waard. Photography: Paul Melling

RejuvaMed has built a nationwide reputation for quality care and exceptional results. Heading up the team is Medical Director and owner Dr Grant McKeating, a consultant with over 25 years’ medical experience, and medical cosmetics specialist.

With established, award-winning aesthetics clinics in Chorley and Clitheroe, the clinic has recently radically reduced the price of some anti-wrinkle and dermal filler treatments in a direct response to concerns about the increase in unqualified practitioners offering cheap, unregulated treatments.

Dr McKeating tells me: “We are really pleased to be able to offer these treatments safely and at a much-reduced price. Our new pricing structure is born out of a worry that people are seeking cheaper treatments from unregistered and poorly qualified practitioners on the high street and will be harmed.

“There are numerous businesses and individuals now offering cosmetic procedures, but often they are carried out by people with no medical training. We have decided to bring our prices down to open up our treatment expertise to people who may otherwise risk their health, and results, by having cheaper treatments elsewhere that are potentially dangerous.

“In fact, there has been an alarming rise in reports of ‘botched’ cosmetic procedures in the UK. Complaints about procedures have trebled in the past 12 months, which experts have put down to more people seeking out unregulated practitioners through social media after seeing celebrity endorsements online. It’s often seen as ‘easy money’ by people offering such a service, when in fact these procedures are much more complex than they seem and require extensive knowledge of facial anatomy, physiology and pharmacology.

“At RejuvaMed we are passionate about improving standards and encouraging patients to see a qualified medical professional. A beauty therapist or other individual is not trained to manage problems and side effects that can be quite devastating when dealt with incorrectly.”

“Prior to any treatment at RejuvaMed, patients have a free, no obligation half hour consultation to discuss a treatment plan. We will still be using the same high quality branded products, and not cheap low-quality alternatives, despite our lower prices.”

“Our philosophy is centred on building trust with our clients. We want people to leave our clinic feeling and looking great and be safe in the knowledge that they can trust us to provide the highest level of care and professionalism. Don’t risk your face or your health for a quick fix or cheap offer!”

For more information call the clinic on 01257 367460 or visit:

1/2ml – was £180 now £130
1ml – was £240 now £195
Prices reduced by 33%

RejuvaMed Skin Clinic
1 Clifford Street
Chorley PR7 1QA
01257 367460



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