Turn Back The Clock…

It’s Never Too Late

Emma Pearce, founder and director of EMA Cosmetic Beauty Clinic, tells us why it’s never too late to achieve results that will dramatically reduce ageing and give you the skin confidence you deserve

Emma Pearce is an experienced aesthetic skin specialist with clients travelling from across the country to her Preston clinic because they trust her to achieve the anti-ageing results they want, whatever their age.

“So many clients tell me they were hesitant to get in touch, thinking they had left it too late to eliminate their signs of ageing. Some have even been shy to tell me their age over the phone. Let me tell you, it is never too late,” says Emma. “My oldest client is 85 and she looks incredible!”

“Women in their 50 and 60s often talk about feeling they’ve aged 10 years overnight. Perhaps the menopause has affected their skin or stressful life events have aged them. One of my clients is 72 and felt this way, her facial lines were really getting her down. There is no need to put up with feeling like this. After Plasma Pen treatments she is delighted and has her confidence back.”

“Plasma Pen works by rebuilding and strengthening the skin’s scaffolding returning it to as it was in youthful years, turning back the clock. It stimulates collagen and elastin production, for dramatic results, which keep improving as the weeks go by,” explains Emma. “It’s a non-invasive procedure which tightens the skin, providing results which last up to three years.”

“Your youthful looks can be rediscovered with this scientifically-proven technology. You don’t need to look your age no matter how old you are – but it is important to invest in the right treatment with the right professional,” says Emma. “I have over 18 years’ experience as an aesthetic skin specialist with the most advanced training from around the world. This enables me to know exactly what areas to target to deliver the very best results for each client. I have carried out corrective treatment where clients have been elsewhere looking for cheaper prices – my experience means I can finally get them the results they want.”

“There’s no need to resort to surgery as we can achieve the same results from just one or two Plasma treatments,” adds Emma. “It’s virtually pain-free with minimal downtime. Often only one treatment is needed and I have yet to have a client who isn’t completely delighted with the results.”

Plasma Pen treatments start at £250 per area. Emma is offering Live Readers £149 OFF the price of each area until 8th April 2020.

EMA Cosmetic Beauty Clinic
Upstairs at Toni & Guy
86 Fishergate, Preston PR1 2NJ
07547 802062



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