Longridge Gallery is once again delighted to be showcasing the work of Kerry Darlington, one of the most sought after and influential artists at work in the UK and a major figure on the international art scene

Kerry Darlington’s boundless creative gift, technical brilliance, mastery of colour and above all, her infinite imagination, have taken her far beyond the everyday and turned her into a fine art sensation. Her work is in huge demand and in 2012 and again in 2014 she was named as the UK’s best-selling published artist for her extraordinary unique editions.

These works are described as ‘unique editions’ as they combine a printed element with original art. Kerry creates small 3D additions which are hand-worked individually and adhered to the print. The background is also hand embellished and all the work has resin hand-applied. Therefore although they are in essence a limited edition print, every piece has the appearance of a unique, original painting and is subtly different to every other one in the series.

The four new pieces will be in the Gallery from mid-November and demand is bound to be high given the quality of the artwork and the considerable growth in value that Kerry’s work has seen over the last five years. The unique editions are strictly numbered and the framed prices range from £895 to £1100.

Full details can be found on the gallery website

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