Newly launched athleisure wear company Peak15 Fitness is bringing iconic Portuguese brand Ditchil exclusively to the UK, and Olympic medal winner Samantha Murray is already a fan

Having always been interested in fitness and sport, the aptly named Andy Murray and his partner Eleanor Sinclair have launched an exciting collection of Mediterranean inspired athleisure wear to fill a void in the UK market.

The athleisure wear trend is a global multi-billion pound industry and, not surprisingly, it continues to grow thanks to celebrities endorsing the look that is high performance, effortlessly casual and ultimately practical.

Based in the Ribble Valley and having worked in the fashion industry for 30 years, Andy is familiar with both the manufacturing side of fashion and introducing overseas brands to the UK market.

Through a former Catalonian colleague, Andy and Eleanor were introduced to the iconic Portuguese sportswear brand Ditchil and now their newly formed company Peak15 Fitness has the sole UK rights to Ditchil.

“We are absolutely thrilled to bring Ditchil exclusively to the UK market. Ditchil manufactures the most fabulous athleisure wear featuring the very best in fabric and design,” explains Andy.

When the couple first started their research into athleisure wear, fabric became key: “Ditchil uses polyamide, which retains its stretch and colour wash after wash. The fabric also has wicking quality to take moisture away from the skin, it is durable and retains its shape.”

The New Year sees Peak15 (Everest was known as Peak15 before it was recognised as the highest mountain in the world in 1852) working closely with Ditchil designers and manufacturers in Portugal to deliver athleisure wear collections that defy the seasons taking the wearer from spring into summer and autumn into winter.

The collections feature body-hugging mesh-panel leggings, cut-out vests, on-trend tees and coats – ideal for layering and perfect for the gym or school run.

“This is active gym wear that is manufactured to the highest standards, using peak performance fabrics that deliver maximum comfort. Our mission for 2019 is to introduce UK customers to the Ditchil brand exclusively through Peak15,” adds Andy.

Eleanor adds: “We both love going to the gym and when we started looking into the various athleisure wear brands, we noticed there was a huge gap in the market when it came to great quality, high-end design at a midway price point.”

The pair began their research early last summer and noticed that outlets for athleisure wear were also limited especially in the North West.

“We also found that a lot of the gym wear being sold was aimed at young people. What we were looking for was something aimed at the more discerning woman who is looking for great design and top quality.

“We decided we didn’t want something that was mass produced in China or India, we wanted to compete in the top end of the market and Ditchil certainly ticks all the boxes, the lead time is much shorter and we have access to their designs so we can choose exactly what we think our UK customers will like.”

Andy and Eleanor, who live in the Ribble Valley, hope to gradually evolve Peak15 retailing the collections within independent stores, pop-ups, yoga and fitness classes, gyms and at outlets throughout the UK.

Brand influencers and bloggers are already spreading the word about Peak15 and Ditchil, while Clitheroe-based modern pentathlon Olympic medal winner Samantha Murray has backed Peak15 and Ditchil on social media.

“The Ditchil clothing collection from Peak15 is great for workouts but it’s also perfect for every day comfort and layering,” says Samantha.

“The fabric is excellent quality and the styling and design is exceptionally flattering. The colours are great for gym workouts and for lifestyle. I’ve felt so comfortable and confident in the Ditchil collection. It’s also great to support a local business from the Ribble Valley!”

Long term, Andy and Eleanor hope to feature other brands that fit well with Ditchil: “We launched Peak15 Fitness with a view to stocking other high end brands that have a synergy,” concludes Andy.

“We have total confidence that Peak15 will deliver on quality and performance, we are so enthusiastic, as are Ditchil, about working together and bringing the brand exclusively to the UK. It is a fantastic opportunity.”

Ditchil can be purchased online at: www.peak15.fitness

Peak15 Fitness
Andy 07540 323418



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