Whether you’re on a mission to save money after Christmas or you really want to make it a luxurious occasion, enjoy your Valentine’s Day!

Love is in the air! It’s that time of year when florists stock up on roses, shop windows are filled with heart-themed décor and the supermarkets have dedicated an aisle to stuffed animals, bottles of wine and boxes of chocolates.

February 14th – the day we celebrate love and romance. Youngsters pluck up the courage to send anonymous cards to their crushes and couples dress up to enjoy a romantic meal together.

For many, Valentine’s Day begins with a card in the morning and ends with a lovely evening meal out. But with a full day to celebrate, why not make the most of it?

You can make the day extra special by waking up and sharing breakfast in bed, delivered with a kiss. Keep the romance alive throughout the day and let your loved one know you’re thinking of them by sending a surprise to their workplace, like a beautiful bouquet of flowers or a delivery from their favourite bakery.

You could even pay a visit to your other half on their lunch break, taking an office picnic with you or popping out for a bite to eat to spend a bit of quality time together and break up the working day.

The day can be finished any way you choose. A popular choice is dining out at a nice restaurant. However, if that isn’t your thing, perhaps you could catch a theatre show, a film at the cinema or simply go for a drive out to one of your favourite spots. You may even decide to go away for a couple of nights, relaxing together in a country hotel or reconnecting on a city break.

If you’re on a mission to save some money after an extravagant Christmas, enjoying a home-cooked meal and a bottle of wine can be just as special.

Valentine’s Day can be anything you make it. It’s a day for those who have been hit by Cupid’s arrow to celebrate having each other.



Tedd Walmsley

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