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Offering one-to-one therapy sessions to help with any issues you may face, Sara Dewhurst and The Well Nest now lead Wellness Walks surrounded by nature to counteract isolation and encourage social interaction. Photography: Kirsten Platt

The Well Nest’s Sara Dewhurst BSc, MSc, MBPsS is a wellness expert who takes a holistic approach to wellbeing.

Based at a new location in the centre of Whalley, Sara, an integrative therapist and health psychologist in training, is specially trained to understand the psychological and emotional aspects of health and illness and works with clients to improve their overall health and wellbeing through one-to-one therapy. More recently, she has set up a therapeutic Wellness Walking Group in order to boost wellbeing through exercise and social contact.

With a therapy room at 85 King Street, Sara offers face-to-face consultations on Wednesdays up until 8pm so clients don’t need to take time out of work and she also offers online and outdoor therapy sessions.

Specialising in anxiety, panic, low mood and loss of confidence, Sara uses an integrative approach that includes cognitive behavioural therapy techniques and mindfulness to help clients rediscover how to feel happy, healthy and in control of a life they love.

Integrative therapy brings together different elements of specific therapies as The Well Nest believes there is no single approach that can treat each client in varying situations. This approach ensures clients fulfil their wellness goals.

“I take a holistic approach that focuses on wellness of the mind and body,” says Sara, who has noticed a huge increase in people consulting her about anxiety issues following the pandemic.

“It has been noticeable the number of people who have become more anxious following lockdowns. Other issues have also come to light – all stemming from the Covid crisis.

“I am incredibly flexible and work with a lot of people who come to me with different problems, but my core ethos is to always take a multi-disciplined approach to wellness.”

This approach has led Sara to setting up the Wellness Walking Group in Whalley offering like-minded people route-led walks: “We usually have around a dozen people and in terms of wellness it works incredibly well.

“The Well Nest plans the routes, which are usually around 5k and take around one-and-a-half hours,” says Sara, who leads the walks in the countryside surrounding Whalley.

“Walkers can simply follow the route and walk along behind chatting. Just the fact there is social contact and shared experiences can often help lighten any burden they are feeling. Most importantly, feelings of isolation are reduced, and we are immersed in nature which is a huge boost to wellbeing. At The Well Nest our holistic approach includes physical wellbeing as well as good mental health, so our walking group has been a real bonus.”

For a one-to-one therapy session at The Well Nest consulting room in Whalley, online or outdoor therapy session, or to enquire about the Wellness Walking Group email Sara on: sara@wellnestribblevalley.com

The Well Nest
85 King Street, Whalley BB7 9SW



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