Ballet and dance professional and movement therapist Suzanne Astley AISTD, Dip Arts, BA Hons, QTS, MA explains how she provides people with the invaluable tools to feel good in mind and body. Photography: Kirsten Platt

Working at the highest level in the UK with professional dancers at the Royal Academy of Dance in London, Suzanne Astley has brought her unique professional skillset to the Ribble Valley, where she helps people to be the very best they can be, boosting physical and psychological wellbeing, through dance and movement.

While Suzanne has, and still does, work with professionals at the top of their game, she also works with those who are completely new to exercise and those who need help and understanding with issues such as back pain, depression, anxiety, stress and neurological conditions.

With an acute sense of empathy and understanding, Suzanne, who is a qualified Somatic therapist, has extensive experience at the highest level and remains a consultant at the RAD in London, lecturing, teaching and writing courses in movement, health and wellbeing.

She is a profound advocate, and passionate believer, of the intrinsic value of dance and movement in treating physical and psychological issues to vastly improve health and self-esteem: “Dance and bringing all its uplifting benefits to others is ingrained in my whole being. I could always see the therapeutic benefits of dance and movement,” explains Suzanne, who gained a scholarship at the Royal Ballet as a young woman.

“I use my training and deeper knowledge of how the body works in a range of movement therapies, which are carefully tailored to each individual. I can use movement to help and empower people whether they are athletes or completely new to exercise.”

Suzanne works with a wide range of people of all ages here in the Ribble Valley and throughout the UK, helping them through her vast Somatic therapy experience.

“Somatic therapy can benefit everyone. I start with breathing, as good breathing is at the heart of everything. Clients are amazed at how they start to de-stress immediately,” Suzanne says.

“I then look at alignment and posture to help clients move with ease, enjoying the movement which, in turn, promotes a feeling of wellness.
“I provide a toolkit to support health and wellbeing with ideas for self-care and subtle lifestyle changes, incorporating movement and mindfulness into everyday life to live differently and increase wellness.”

Suzanne teaches one-to-one and small classes, which have elements of contemporary, Somatic and meditative dance.

No experience is necessary, so please do get in touch to find out more

• “The classes are the perfect way to de-stress after a long day at work, focusing on breathing techniques, mindful movement and core stability.”

• “Sue’s caring and knowledgeable work with our teenage son helped him immensely while he was struggling with anxiety and depression. Her calm and empathic approach helped him to better understand how he could manage his stress.”

• “Sue’s clear passion for her work makes her adult contemporary ballet classes a joy for all ages and abilities. Her studio offers a sanctuary away from the rollercoaster of modern life.”

Suzanne Astley
07738 405277

Mindful Movement @Fuelmizas
Bee Mill, Preston Road
Ribchester PR3 3XJ



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