At the start of July, Westholme students performed a three-night run of West Side Story in the school’s impressive Croston Theatre

The West Side Story musical closely follows the narrative of Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet, but with one important difference – the lovers in this 1957 interpretation are related to two street gangs, one noticeably more disadvantaged than the other.

The Puerto Rican Sharks have come to New York seeking opportunity, whilst the Jets are barely a rung up the social ladder from the Sharks, but their white European roots afford them a measure of protection from the racist and corrupt police force.

The cast of Westholme’s Senior School and Sixth Form students were transformed into the rival street gangs, the Sharks and the Jets with fabulous costumes, snappy choreography and vibrant language, all set against a larger than life New York City stage set. With moody lighting and a graffiti backdrop, the audience were transported from the Croston Theatre into the colourful world of grime and crime, fist fights and brawls and the fiercely loyal, if misguided, street gang life.

The audience were drawn into this dramatic and high octane story with powerful performances by these incredibly talented young actors and by the upbeat songs and dances delivered with energy and conviction. Every scene captivated the viewer, from the quiet secret meetings of the lovers to the spirited gang encounters. It carried the audience along through the twists and turns of this romantic tragedy as its story unfolded and ran away to its heart-breaking finale.

Another outstanding Westholme performance!

Westholme School
Wilmar Lodge
Meins Road, Blackburn BB2 6QU
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