Will You Say ‘I Do’?

Tropical skies, seashores and sunshine – Longridge Gallery’s Nick Smith tempts us with an array of new summer work by renowned, award-winning artists

With warm, bright days and light nights, summer is truly here. And what a summer it promises to be at Longridge Gallery.

In August, Sophie and I will finally be married, one year after Covid delayed our initial plan. It’s a day we’re both looking forward to and excited about. Let us hope the sun shines on Hobbit Hill!

In the gallery, the summer always encourages our award-winning artists to brighten their palette and let the warmth emanate from their canvasses. The resultant compositions often have us dreaming of escaping our daily routine and going to the country or seaside, kicking back and enjoying time together.

It is that sense of escapism that has inspired Joss Clapson to dream of tropical days in a campervan, taking in the road and the beach. The soft palette of this original work reminds us of a gentler pace and endless sunshine, possibly even the youth culture of the 60’s. We are certainly California Dreamin’!

In contrast, Ricky Young’s original painting of the Lytham shoreline captures both the scale and majesty of the ocean on our doorstep. The brooding sky, illuminated by the setting sun, is reflected in the sea as it laps the shore. There is a real sense of peace and quietude in the work yet the feeling of looking at something too vast to fathom.

Our final summer perspective comes from Italian sensation Fabio Costantino. His original artwork Summer Sailing embraces his inner Fauvism to give us a bright, sun-filled coastline, redolent of many a European port. This piece would lighten even the darkest corner and lift your mood on the dullest day in December.

Will you be saying ‘I will’ to any of our summer offerings, as I will joyously be saying to Sophie?

Please call in to the gallery on Berry Lane to see our full summer collection or visit our website and social media channels.

Longridge Gallery
78 Berry Lane, Longridge
Preston PR3 3WH
01772 782006



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