Fitness and nutrition expert Will Smith tells us the real reasons you’re not losing weight

Have you ever been in the situation where you’re trying to lose weight but it’s just not happening no matter what you try?

What could you possibly be doing wrong? Is it your metabolism? Is it genetics? Is it down to your cell sensitivity? Or is it hormones?

The answer is it’s none of the above.

The real answer is, your current calorie intake (how much food you eat) is more than your body requires, no matter how ‘healthy’ or ‘clean’ the food you eat may be.

All too often people don’t understand the importance of calories.

So what are calories? A calorie is a unit of measurement, just like a centimetre, but for energy.

Why are they so important? Because they can dictate how much energy we are putting into our bodies (ie food).

If we are not very active, our bodies need less calories if we want it to lose weight. However, if we are particularly active our bodies can afford to have more food/calories.

The problem is that nine times out of 10 we don’t think about how active or inactive we are, we just tend to eat ‘healthy’ things expecting to lose weight. But we don’t account for the amount of calories that are in this ‘healthy’ food. Consequently, due to our energy expenditure and our calorie intake, we could actually be in a calorie surplus or at maintenance meaning we could gain weight or just stay the same.

So, it’s actually nothing to do with genetics, hormones, metabolism or thyroid. You just need to move more, or eat less. Simple!




Tedd Walmsley

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