Interior design trends are cyclical, and this is no different for trends in wood floors

This year the parameters of interior design in wood move to intricate detail, texture and sustainable materials, satisfying appetites for craftsmanship and simplicity in the home. Handpicked below is a collection of interior design trends in wood certain to be pivotal in 2018.

Wide plank flooring
The timeless simplicity of a wide plank wood floor is not only aesthetically alluring but also incredibly versatile. There is something about an honest wood that when you come into contact with it you feel connected to the natural world, wood permeates a sense of harmony and well-being.
Brimming with character, modern and brilliantly practical is Ted Todd’s Warehouse collection, a combination of 220mm wide planks and hand-worked, undulating surfaces for a modern yet authentic take on hardwood flooring. Wide planks aren’t just restricted to large spaces either, when used in a small space, wide planks add depth making a space look larger than it is.
Beautiful open grain patterns, stunning hues and texture are all components that make up Ted Todd’s Warehouse collection, ready to add warmth and simplistic style to your home.

Pared back style
Scandi-inspired interiors were a big hit in 2017 and it’s not a trend that is going to go away any time soon. There’s something about a pared back interior that demands relaxed contemplation and tranquillity.
If you’re looking for the perfect combination between white washed hues and skip sawn texture, Amberley from Ted Todd’s Foundation collection covers all the bases. This slow grown European Oak comes with all of the FSC certifications you would expect. The hues of Amberley lend themselves to light, modern interiors – the perfect foundation for Scandinavian style in the home.

Multi-surface wood
With warm chestnut tones, darker grain highlights and skip sawn texture, Stonor, also from Ted Todd’s Foundation collection, lends itself to many different applications and decorative techniques. Wood bestows an irrefutable warmth to a room, whatever your interior style.
In 2018 no surface remains unconsidered and wood will be applied to floors, ceilings and walls, adding a warm element to any room. Stonor is a modern classic and is the perfect starting point for any interior.

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