Megan Hair is a modern, dynamic and creative hair salon in the centre of Clitheroe attracting clients from all over the country for their colour expertise. Sarah Varley finds out more

Megan Connolly, the creative director and head stylist at Megan Hair, has over 10 years experience working in the hair industry. She is one of the most sought-after colour technicians in the north of England.

“When I opened the salon in October 2017 after 10 years working in Rossendale, my clients followed me so I was very grateful for their support and business has gone better than I ever imagined,” Megan tells me.

Megan Hair specialises in colour, balayage, long hair, colour corrections, bridal hair and extensions. Clients come to the popular Clitheroe salon from all over the country and a few even fly in from overseas – to get the expert colours for which Megan and her team are renowned.

The decor of the salon is inspired by shop interiors in both Bali & Tokyo, places Megan has visited on her travels. “I travelled for seven months before opening the salon and wanted to keep the memories of the amazing places I visited alive in the salon. I’ve tried to recreate a Bali beach feel with lots of rustic wooden features, pale neutral colours, with dream-catchers and candles everywhere.”

Everything about the salon is also deliberately ‘Instagrammable’. “Clients love to take pictures in the salon and post them online, which is great,” Megan says. “Everyone posts photos of our logo-stencilled coffees and the infused waters we make for clients using fresh mint, strawberries, oranges and cucumbers.”

Megan explains: “We’ve built up a large Instagram following and clients want the results we post for themselves. In particular, clients want the gorgeous balayage colours we do, finished with beachy waves, and this has become our signature look.”

“Balayage is a French colouring technique that creates a very natural, sun-kissed look. We can also use it for contouring to make your hair look thicker and frame your face perfectly. We specialise in long hair and getting the very best colour, condition and finish.”

The salon’s Instagram feed is full of the most amazing, lovely long waves that clients covet and it is easy to see why Megan Hair has become the go-to salon for this look.

“We use Instagram to tell the story of the salon and showcase the colours we have done for clients through photos, videos and Instagram stories. Our curl tutorial videos are really popular, and most of our clients actually book straight through Instagram.”

Megan is now so in demand that she only does colours – she and Nareace both have three-month waiting lists for new clients. “We have to stress that we do have a long waiting list so it’s important to book ahead, but most clients are prepared to wait. The whole team get booked up very quickly. I trained our junior stylist Daisy myself and now she has a two month waiting list herself. We are therefore looking to expand our team to meet demand, and are looking for two new stylists.”

The salon enjoys a great location near Holmes Mill: “We’re getting a lot of requests from wedding parties and guests at Holmes Mill, so as long as bookings are made well in advance we love to do these as we know how important fantastic hair is for weddings!”

Megan Hair
17 Eshton Terrace, Clitheroe BB7 1BQ
01200 427065



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