Wow! We Are Married!

It is amazing to think I am writing this as a married man, writes Live Magazines designer Rob Walmsley. Photography:

Over 18 months ago Jen and I started meticulously planning our perfect wedding day at Tithe Barn, Browsholme Hall and I can honestly say 11th August 2017 was the best day of our lives.

Having been glued to the weather forecast for two weeks and praying for sunshine, we woke up on the morning of the wedding to grey clouds and rain, settling over the Ribble Valley.

Full of excitement, this surprisingly didn’t dampen our spirits and actually made the day more enjoyable. It kept our guests all together and helped to create one of my favourite moments from the day, when all of our guests lined up with umbrellas in the pouring rain to throw confetti and welcome us from our ceremony as husband and wife.

They say the ‘devil is in the detail’, even the grandest of plans depend on the success of the smallest components and for us it was all the little things that made the occasion truly bespoke and personal for us and our guests.

Blink and you will miss the day, so here are some tips:

Leading up to the wedding we were extremely busy, finalising plans and meeting with suppliers, but we set ourselves a deadline to have everything completed two days before our big day. This meant that we had some time together and time to see friends and family, before the wedding.

This is what our photographer told us a few weeks before. Our day ran perfectly, because we didn’t get stressed about the small things, on the day it simply doesn’t matter!

During the planning we considered not having a band as we had booked a DJ. After finding the perfect band, only a few months before the wedding we are so glad we had both. They were fantastic and worked with the DJ to keep the party going all night.

It is easy to focus on trivial things such as positioning of candles and playlists, however what is the day really all about? We had an incredible time because we didn’t forget that. We ensured that we stayed together as much as possible, taking moments to step back and take it all in.

So, after 18 months of planning and excitement the day is over. Do we wish we could do it all again? No. It was absolutely perfect and now we look forward to our future as husband and wife.



Tedd Walmsley

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