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Beauty expert Helen Coates talks about the new treatments available at her Crawshawbooth salon

Described as ‘the selfie which doesn’t need a filter’, IllumiFacial is the very latest next generation ‘Photofacial’ skin treatment.

It is one of the new treatments to be introduced at Helen Coates Aesthetics as Helen explains: “It has been a busy month for us with the launch of three new facial treatments, the HIFU, the high frequency needling (fractional) then IllumiFacial.”

Seeing some fabulous results from IllumiFacial, Helen has brought therapist Lauren to work alongside her on the new treatments. Lauren has been with Helen Coates for the past six-and-a-half years and is experienced in all facial treatments.

“We are so excited to introduce IllumiFacial to the salon. The treatment is carried out using the amazingly powerful medical-grade Lynton IPL technology. IllumiFacial is quick, simple and dramatically improves skin tone and appearance, which is why it is affectionately known as ‘your natural filter’!”

So why choose IllumiFacial?
Helen explains: “We offer the treatment to our clients who want to say hello to new skin. We use it for hydration, to soften and smooth the complexion, to even out skin tone, for tightening and wrinkles and it’s also great for reducing acne scars.”

Following a five-step programme, using Lynton technology and products, the treatment includes:
• STEP ONE: a deep cleanse to achieve a clear, radiant skin and remove impurities using a specialist formulation.
• STEP TWO: a unique tri-fruit acid peel to resurface skin texture and decongest pores.
• STEP THREE: time for the application of the award-winning IPL treatment (Lynton Intense Pulse Light). In most cases results are instant with dramatically clearer, firmer skin. Working by stimulating collagen, the IPL targets any discolouration like freckles, pigmentation, vascular breakouts and general redness.
• STEP FOUR: soothes, regenerates and protects the skin using a trio of specialist serums.

Who is the IllumiFacial suitable for?
The treatment is ideal for clients whose skin exhibits signs of ageing, congestion and discolouration. It’s a quick, comfortable treatment designed to give dramatically brighter skin. IllumiFacial specifically targets:
• fine lines
• pigmentation
• red veins
• acne scar tissue
• wrinkles

Clients have reported an ongoing improvement to the firmness and plumpness of skin for months as new collagen is stimulated.

Helen Coates Aesthetics
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Rossendale BB4 8AJ
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