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If you’re concerned about Christmas festivities taking a toll on your appearance, a new year confidence boost could be just what you need. Photography: Roger Moore

We all know what it’s like, all that delicious food and wine that we just love to indulge in over Christmas can really leave a mark on our physical appearance. If you’re worried that weight gain or a tired, dull complexion from too much celebrating might give you the January blues, then perhaps a visit to Liv Hindmoor should be on the cards.

Liv runs a professional clinic, 3D Aesthetics Ltd, based within the Barton Grange Hotel. A fully accredited specialist in non-surgical aesthetics, Liv offers a range of clinically proven, non-invasive treatments for the body and face. She uses the most advanced 3D Lipo technology available to break down fat cells, either by freezing, ultrasound or radiowaves, helping clients achieve their desired results.

“One of my male clients recently lost six inches from his waistline and was absolutely thrilled,” says Liv. “The reason I do this is to make people feel better about themselves, so I love hearing them say how delighted they are.”

As well as fat removal treatments, Liv offers the famous HIFU, non-surgical facelift which applies the strongest level of ultrasound you can to the skin, targeting collagen and elastin cells, causing them to contract and leading to the lifting and tightening. Slightly less intense are her microdermabrasion treatments which polish and buff up the skin, leaving a flawless complexion.

“All my treatments are medically tested and proven. When it comes to the HIFU, I offer a very professional and thorough service, taking up to two hours, and the results can be quite astounding,” says Liv. “All treatments are a relaxing experience. This is a super-friendly clinic where we’ll immediately put you at ease, so you’ll enjoy your time here.”

Liv and her team of professional, fully qualified nurses also provide wrinkle smoothing treatments and other anti-ageing injectables like Fillers, Advanced Fillers and B12 injections.

Liv offers free 30-minute consultations to establish exactly what clients want to achieve and then offers personalised solutions. Packages are priced individually, depending on the length and type of treatment, and Liv prides herself on keeping her treatments affordable. Full aftercare advice, on skincare, diet and exercise, is included to enable clients to get the most from their results.

One of Liv’s recent clients, Justine, described the clinic as gorgeous and says; “I had a wonderful treatment with Liv, it was amazing, and I’ve already booked for more treatments. You have to try it, you won’t be disappointed!”

Another satisfied customer, Aimee, says: “What a great confidence booster! Liv offers fantastic, helpful and professional service. I’d recommend her to everyone.”

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3D Aesthetics Ltd
Barton Grange Hotel, Garstang Road
Barton, Preston PR3 5AA
07837 589847



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