Additional GP Service In Garstang

Lancashire GP has set up a private GP service on the high street in Garstang for patients who may be struggling to see their NHS GP or are looking for faster and earlier diagnosis and follow up referral services. Photography: Andrew Clutterbuck

Lancashire GP has been set up by Dr Mani, a highly skilled General Practitioner who has worked as an NHS doctor for 12 years. She has a broad range of knowledge and expertise in all specialties and aims for patients to feel that they have a complete overview of their healthcare and genuinely feel listened to.

The new private GP service works alongside existing NHS GPs, so your own GP will be kept fully aware of any treatment and referrals carried out by the Lancashire GP service.

Dr Mani commented: “Lancashire GP is not a replacement for your NHS GP, but is an additional service that should help relieve some of the backlog the NHS is experiencing. We believe it will provide a very valuable service to patients in the Garstang area.”

Services include prompt and personal attention from the GP, a prescription service, health screening, sexual health services as well as referrals for scans and tests and any medical certificates.

Patients can choose face to face, video or phone appointments as well as timings to suit their own needs.

Dr Mani plans to expand the practice over the coming years with additional GPs being brought on board as well as a nurse to assist with numerous procedures.

Lancashire GP
14 High Street, Garstang, Preston PR3 1FA
01995 238081



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