Have you managed to secure your hair and beauty appointment yet? Yes? Lucky you! For those who haven’t been so blessed we look at a couple of short-term fixes so you can face the world with style

Hairdressers the world over have been cringing at the self-hacking some of us have been compelled to do. For the less brave we have been resorting to our inner child and wearing pony and pig tails, plaits, Alice bands and even a good old hat!
But what about the grey? According to Glamour magazine the best professional at-home hair dye is Josh Wood Permanent Hair Colour. Their at-home dye kit delivers the same contemporary, salon-grade colour as his in-salon service, with 12 hues from the deepest brown to the lightest blonde to choose from.


If the fear of at-home dyeing is too much, you could always try a temporary root touch up like the Colour WOW root touch-up. With eight shades to choose from, this product holds well enough if you were caught in a rain shower and even for swimming but easily shampoos out. Or alternatively you could simply embrace the silver goddess as grey is now the new blonde!


The hair on our head is one thing, but what about our facial hair? Well, I am pleased to say that there are some easy to use products on the market to help keep the moustache and chin hairs at bay, ranging from wax strips (ouch), hair removal cream, dermaplaning and electrolysis – and not forgetting good old tweezing. If like me and you are a little lazy the Hollywood Browzer is amazing! This fab hand-held no electric device effectively removes peach fuzz, more adamant lip and chin sprouts and can even assist in your eyebrow shaping and is small enough to be in your bag at all times for that ‘magic’ hair. You know the one – it wasn’t there yesterday, yet today here it is standing loud and proud! Yet a quick flick of the Hollywood Browzer and the offender is no more.

So my hair is tied back – I’m accepting of the grey until I can get an appointment, and my face is relatively fuzz free, but more importantly a smile is on my face as I ready myself to enjoy our extended freedoms.




Tedd Walmsley

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