Celebrate Christmas and New Year in Style

Christmas and New Year is back with a bang. After last year when plans got cancelled and paired back we all have an awful lot of making up to do. So get your friends and family together and get involved with all the fun of the season

Despite Covid we are blessed with lots of new eateries’ in our area and the festive season would be a great opportunity to check them out. Since lockdown there seems to have been an increase in places offering Brunch menu’s as well as small plates, to suit all tastes.

The pop up bars that appeared on our high streets last year, serving outside are having a resurrection this year. They make great venues to stop for a festive drink of mulled wine whilst you are out doing your Christmas shopping.

Most establishments have reduced the number of people they allow into their venues in order to help reduce Covid transmission. If there is a gang of you heading out its always worth phoning ahead to make reservations.

Many of us haven’t seen our work colleagues in person this year. Christmas would be a great time to get together, to ditch the Zoom call and celebrate another year. The traditional Christmas party in the office with a Santa hat and a sausage roll, are probably a thing of the past, making way for a more sophisticated lunch or meeting in our towns or villages for a few drinks.

Most of the venues around here are offering set menus for larger parties and taking bookings. Most also let you pay a deposit, which allows you to spread the cost over a few weeks.

Lots of the hotels along the Fylde coast are also holding dinner dances. There is usually a set dinner menu, followed by entertainment such as a singer or band, with the opportunity to dance into the small hours with other people who are also enjoying the festive season. This is a great option if you want to get dressed up in your best party clothes and don’t fancy walking from pub to pub in your heels or the winter weather.

However, you choose to celebrate have fun. If you are having a festive drink then make sure you leave the car at home, you drink responsibly and you stay safe.



Tedd Walmsley

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