Eyelid Lift Surgery Is Now Available In Clitheroe

Upper blepharoplasty or eyelid lift surgery is the only effective way to deal with saggy eyelids

Have you spent time in lockdown over the past year looking at yourself on Zoom calls, or in the mirror, and thought, ‘I really hate my eyes. I wish I could sort out those loose, saggy upper eyelids!’ Or are you finding that heavy upper eyelids are beginning to affect your vision?

RejuvaMed in Clitheroe has the solution. Mr Vikesh Patel, consultant oculoplastic surgeon at Lancashire Teaching Hospitals, has brought his private practice to the clinic at prices much lower than at larger private clinics.

Non-surgical solutions for loose skin on the upper eyelid are almost always ineffective and can be dangerous. Many salons offer plasma pen or fibroblast treatments, which can cause burns and scarring. The most effective way to treat the upper eyelids is with surgery.

The good news is that this is quick, simple and is carried out under a local anaesthetic, giving permanent results. You will be in and out of our Covid-secure, CQC-registered clinic within a couple of hours, and our fixed price package includes two follow-up appointments.

If you are considering eyelid surgery we would recommend that you always choose a specialist consultant oculoplastic surgeon. Mr Patel operates only on, or around, the eye area.

Mr Patel is offering consultation at a price of just £150. During this 30 minute appointment he will undertake a full assessment and discuss treatment solutions with you. Appointments and surgery are usually available within two weeks.

The cost of surgery (upper blepharoplasty) is just £2695 (compare this to £3980 at a Manchester clinic).

For more information, or to book a consultation with Mr Patel, please call 01200 538668 or email the clinic at: info@rejuvamed.co.uk

RejuvaMed Skin Clinic
& Vein Centre
Holmes Cottage
Woone Lane
Clitheroe BB7 1BG
01200 538668



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