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After an unusual year, a visit to this Preston clinic could give you a much-needed inner boost as well as an outer glow writes Kate Ford. Photography: Roger Moore

When we embarked upon 2020, with enthusiasm for the year ahead, little did we know what lay in store. As it unfolded, the coronavirus pandemic affected all of us in some way, whether key workers on the front line or business owners forced to close, many struggled to come to terms with the fears and restrictions surrounding Covid-19.

As an accredited specialist in non-surgical aesthetics, Liv Hindmoor is used to clients coming to her for professional treatments for the skin, face and body. Recently, however, she has also listened as they’ve spoken about dealing with virus-related anxieties and how her treatments have helped them face the future with renewed optimism.

“It’s been so good to hear the feedback recently,” says Liv, from her clinic, 3D Aesthetics, at Barton in Preston. “Whilst my treatments are primarily focused on achieving excellent physical results, it’s been great to hear how, for some people, they have also helped ease away their stress.”

I can offer a bespoke package to make you feel so much better about yourself and give you a more positive outlook

Liv offers a range of clinically proven, non-invasive treatments for body and face. She uses the most advanced 3D Lipo technology to break down fat cells, either by freezing, ultrasound or radiowaves, helping clients reach their inch-loss targets. Her facial treatments include the famous HIFU non-surgical facelift and microdermabrasion, as well as anti-wrinkle treatments, injectables and dermal fillers, delivered by a registered nurse.

“These treatments are real mood-lifters, because results are often immediately visible,” explains Liv.  “If you’re suffering from tired-looking winter skin, or you’ve put on weight over Christmas, I can offer a bespoke package to make you feel so much better about yourself and give you a more positive outlook.”

Liv also offers nurse-administered Vitamin B12 injections, which increase energy levels, boost mental clarity and strengthen the immune system. “They’re a quite brilliant, all round ‘pick-me-up’ and at just £40, they represent excellent value for money,” says Liv. “Unsurprisingly, they’re incredibly popular.”

Liv is offering all HIFU treatments at half price if bookings are made before the end of January. This means the full face and neck treatment is only £325, reduced from £650, whilst the face only is £250, the lower face is £225, the upper face £200 and the neck alone just £100.  She suggests customers contact her to find out the latest offers on her body treatments.

Liv continues to operate with all appropriate safety measures in place and the whole experience of visiting her Clinic is very relaxing, with clients often commenting that they can feel tension melting away once they’re being ‘pampered’. And, whether you drop a dress size or rediscover your glowing complexion, you’ll receive such a confidence boost, the perfect start to 2021. Find out more on the website or on Liv’s Instagram and Facebook feeds, at @3daestheticsltd.

3D Aesthetics Ltd

Barton Manor Hotel

Garstang Road, Barton

Preston PR3 5AA

07837 589847






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