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Don’t put off your financial planning due to the fear of having to sit in front of a jargon-spouting, aloof adviser, who is looking to tie you in knots and take their fee, rather than adding any real value to your situation. Fox Lifestyle Financial Planning Limited offer honest, realistic and straight forward advice. Photography: Roger Moore

Taking the apprehension out of financial planning, Fox Lifestyle Financial Planning have guided a wealth of clients through to simple, yet secure, peace of mind. Forget sharp suits and briefcases busting at the seams with confusing paperwork, with a refreshing ‘real world’ attitude through and through, this North West-based independent financial planning organisation truly puts the ‘friendly and straight forward’ into financial planning.

With uncertain times all around us, ensuring your finances, family and future are secure is vital for all of us, so it’s great to know there’s someone on your side.

Based in Preston, founder Stephen Fox enjoyed a successful career in all corners of the finance industry from trainee stockbroker to time-served financial planner within both small partnerships and established financial institutions.

Joining the industry around the time of the financial services’ crash in 2008 gave him a singularly fresh insight, unhindered by habit or tradition: “Over my 15 years working within financial services, starting as a young naive entry-level employee making the coffees, right the way through to a highly qualified Lifetime Financial Planner and Managing Director, I am responsible for all facets of running not only a financial planning practice, but also a properly managed business, calling on my many years’ experience in a Business Support and Project Management role with BAE Systems,” explains Stephen.

“On my journey, particularly early on, working in quite an ‘Americanised’ sales-type organisation as a young man, I was shown clearly how not to run an ethical financial services business. These years were absolutely vital as they afforded me the knowledge needed, and the route map required, to move on and develop and nurture our business into what it is today.

“The business is built on strong principles, integrity, trust and above all doing what is right. We apply our ethos not only within the business but further afield in unrelated areas such as supporting grassroots football and offering support to local schools, who sadly still don’t seem to have basic financial planning on the syllabus. Our beliefs and approach are not something we leave at the office – it is a way of life for all who work within our business.”

Of course, Stephen has a reassuring list of financial qualifications, but that’s not what delights his customers. It’s the empathy, understanding and life experience he has brought to building his varied team and reputation.

You won’t find any confusing jargon, no impersonal presentations, just relaxed, down-to-earth conversations with normal human beings, with all members of the group excelling in friendly, down-to-earth advice based on the life picture they build, through getting to know each client as an individual. What you will find is reassuringly sensible advice and guidance – no flannel, no steering, no pressure.

Fox Lifestyle Financial Planning are an appointed representative of Flying Colours Advice Limited headed by one of the most respected investment dynamos in the industry, Guy Myles, who was one of the founder members of Octopus Investments. Guy’s reputation for waging war on ‘hidden costs’ in the investment world in favour of simple, direct client-focussed performance, perfectly matches what Stephen and the team set out to achieve from the start.

The team of specialists at Flying Colours Investment Management Limited, part of the Flying Colours group of companies, provide investment expertise and support to Fox Lifestyle Financial Planning Limited, allowing them to focus on delivering high quality, tailored financial planning advice for their clients.

Whilst very much at home in Preston with wife Joanna, whom Stephen met approaching 20 years ago, and two boys William and Seb, following the pandemic all boundaries have been removed, allowing client relationships throughout the UK, which of course is part of the new world, calling upon the virtual options, which some clients prefer.

Indeed, Fox Lifestyle Financial Planning continues to build a reputation for going above and beyond, including home-based appointments and out-of-hours availability, a friendly voice and face on the screen, in the office or on the sofa.

Whatever your situation, concerns, requirements or ambitions, the team will understand and advise on:
• Investments
• Pensions
• Inheritance tax planning
• Later life and long-term care
• General protection including life cover and critical illness.

“It’s all about life, and we only get one,” adds Stephen. “Life is rarely a straight forward event – it is complex and can be quite messy financially as our situations and priorities change over time. Most of our clients find us, because they want to lay out a simple, yet secure path for them to follow, but can’t see the way themselves either because they don’t have the time or it’s simply an area they don’t feel confident in.

“Our initial ‘discovery session’ is very relaxed (no clock ticking or charge sheet) and all about our client – their journey to date, where they are now, their commitments, concerns and what must happen for them in the future. We then break off and come back armed with the benefit of our experience, sharing our ideas and recommendations, based on many years of finding the right solutions for our clients. The end result is a plan tailored specifically for them, their family and their future, incorporating savings, pensions and investments, which then evolves with the client over the years ahead.”

Financial planning isn’t necessarily just for those with ‘money to spare’, it’s common sense and security for everyone and with prices rising and belts tightening, it’s more important than ever to have your money working hard for you and your future.

With a Fox Lifestyle Financial Planning expert on your side, that’s exactly what you’ll get.

Fox Lifestyle Financial Planning Ltd.
Independent Financial Advisers
0333 241 9924

Fox Life Financial Planning Limited is an Appointed Representative of Flying Colours, which is a trading name of Flying Colours Advice Limited, which is, authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) under number 672022. We are registered in England and Wales under company number 11056247 at Mentor House, Ainsworth Street, Blackburn, Lancashire BB1 6AY.



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