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It’s not game over for kids today, as gadgets lose out to the great outdoors

Playing pooh sticks, building dens and exploring the forest are still more popular with kids than TV, gaming and tablets, according to a new survey – proving the digital revolution is still no match for the lure of the great outdoors.

A survey by Forestry Commission England – to coincide with the launch of the Stick Man Games, has challenged any fears about the gadget loving generation being permanently attached to their electronic devices, as 84 per cent of 1,300 parents said their children (under 10s) prefer to play outdoors than use their computers, games consoles or watch TV.

The Stick Man Games take place throughout June and special Stick Man games events will take place at venues throughout the UK including Gisburn Forest in the Ribble Valley from 29th June to 31st July. Based on the much-loved book written by Julia Donaldson and illustrated by Axel Scheffler, the Stick Man Games give families the chance to take part in a range of fun forest sporting activities with their favourite book character.

Between June and September guests will have the chance to meet Stick Man at selected sites including Gisburn Forest, and will have the opportunity to take part in an action packed sports day. Visitors will enjoy everything from a twig baton relay race, to a fantaSTICK obstacle course!

Alongside the Stick Man Games there is also lots of stick-themed excitement to be had in the self-led activity arenas at 13 sites. Players’ skills will be tested in a variety of exciting games with everything from giant pick-up sticks, to noughts and crosses and a ring toss!

A free Stick Man Games activity pack can be downloaded from the Forestry Commission website, which gives families everything they need to host their own Stick Man Games this summer. The pack is full of fun stick-themed games and activities, plus warm up exercises, bib template, scoresheet, and cut-out medals and certificates for the champions.

The Stick Man story follows the journey of the title character, as he goes on an epic adventure across the seasons and is taken further from home after being picked up by children, parents and animals.

Katy David, Stick Man Games Champion at Forestry Commission England, commented: “Kids get a hard time sometimes because they’re often accused of not spending enough time outdoors and being glued to their gadgets. This survey however reminds us that the under 10s love playing outside and getting close to nature. We shouldn’t be too concerned about how much time they’re spending on their electronic devices and be pleased they’re enjoying the same traditional outdoor experiences that we loved as children, which fuels their imaginations and gives them lots of exercise.

“Fans of this classic children’s book will love joining Stick Man on this exciting sporting adventure through the woods. The sports events can be hosted at home or in your nearest woodland by using our free Stick Man Games activity pack – you might even find a special event at your local forest and win a medal!”

Gisburn Forest
29th June to 31st July 2016

For further details of the six Stick Man Games, events and trails and free downloadable activity sheets, please visit:



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