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Stop Procrastinating and Start Living – Three Books in One
Gemma Ray

With this issue of Live Preston & Fylde Magazine themed on well-being I thought I should invest in myself and review one of the many ‘self-help’ books that I have on the bedside table. Launched in August, Gemma Ray’s ‘Stop Procrastinating and Start Living – Three Books in One’, went straight to the top of Amazons self-help book chart.

I’ve known Gemma for many years, our careers and working lives have run in similar circles. Gemma is one of those gregarious people that makes the world feel fun and light. She oozes confidence and charisma yet she’s a real creative and not the first person who springs to mind when I think about self-discipline.

Gemma say’s herself that she should have a PhD in procrastination yet she has written, not one but, three books on self-discipline and those books continue to top the best seller charts helping people develop their own self-discipline strategies.

I believe Gemma’s appeal, in her writing, as it is in real life, is her ‘realness’. She writes from the heart to give practical encouragement for those of us who need a hand pulling our finger out to take action and realise our potential. This is Gemma’s third self-help book and its dedicated to her readers, or more significantly the future version of her readers.

This particular book is three books in one: Self Discipline, Stop Procrastinating and Start Living and Stop Procrastinating in Six Steps. It’s a no-nonsense read that teaches simple practices to make positive changes in your life. Gemma believes that we are all just products of our own repeated decisions. There is no magic trick it’s about doing the stuff we don’t really want to do, over and over again until we form habits. A simple but effective technique that she refers to as habit stacking.

Self proclaiming to: “Not always having all my s*&% together”, Gemma’s down-to-earth delivery and style makes you feel like you have a friend between the pages giving you simple advice over a coffee. She continues that support for her readers through her online coaching courses and Facebook accountability groups, giving readers direct access to her no-nonsense witty retorts that makes accountability a whole lot of fun.

Gemma writes the books that she professes to needing to read herself, and packages her research in a personal, fun account that is easy to read and even easier to implement.

Gemma Ray is a BBC Radio presenter, best selling author, marketing and PR specialist. Catch Gemma live every Sunday from 2-6pm GMT on BBC Radio Lancashire via the BBC Sounds app, follow her on Instagram: and watch the weekly live interviews with incredible guests on Gemma Ray – Life Unfiltered on Facebook every Thursday evening.



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