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The last few months have seen many people take up new hobbies or get fit, but it’s also been a chance to make those changes to the home and garden that have been on your list for ever

Whether it’s simply a refresh to your walls or a full-blown makeover, keeping on top of your home can be a full-time job. But what are the improvements to make that will make a difference and add value to your property at the same time?

Before you start any renovations, find out the value of your property and adjust your spend on improvements accordingly. You don’t want to invest £100,000 on changes when it won’t reflect in the price, as it won’t be value for money.

The kitchen is the hub of the home where most of us spend our time, but it can also be the most expensive if you’re looking to upgrade. A fresh lick of paint, new accessories and new flooring can make a massive difference.

With energy bills increasing, consider solar panels. They can be expensive to install but you need to plan on staying in your home for at least five years to get the benefit back. Change all your bulbs to energy saving bulbs and look to replace your boiler to a more efficient one and check your loft insulation. If your appliances need changing, make sure you get energy efficient ones.

Look at the layout of your home and does it match the way you live. Sometimes it makes sense to change round rooms and make use of smaller rooms that are often just used to dump things you don’t use daily.

Keep on top of the exterior. How do you feel pulling up on the drive, does it look inviting? It might just be a case of adding some flowering pots and hanging baskets at the entrance or changing your front door to a more modern version.

But adding a new driveway can add thousands of pounds. Research eco-friendly driveways, yes, they do exist. Grassguard® is an innovative way to manage heavy rainfall in a sustainable way while retaining all the environmental benefits of a natural grass area.

Restore or repair any period features, buyers will pay more for original features. Rather than do it yourself you might want to invest in a specialist to ensure a good job.

Have you got space outside for a garden room? These are on the increase, whether you use it as a home office, summer house, gym, or your own wine and gin bar, it’s an extra room that can be utilised.



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