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Wayne Hayhurst, Branch Principal at Raymond James Ribble Valley, has recently returned from Raymond James’ Global Top Advisors conference in New York. Here he describes his experience

Every two to three years Raymond James’ nearly 9000 wealth managers in the UK, Canada and the US are assessed against a range of criteria and the Global Top Advisors are invited to a conference, held this time in New York. Two Raymond James Investment Services Branch Principals in the UK achieved this incredible global accolade this year, including myself. It is such an honour to achieve this recognition and testament to the skill and dedication of the team here in Longridge.

Raymond James Financial (RJF) – our parent company – is a huge global investment services business and goes from strength to strength. The firm has celebrated 140 consecutive quarters – 35 years of profitability. One of the key drivers of RJF’s success is the firm’s relentless commitment to client service and maintaining a long-term focus.

Reflecting this commitment, the credit rating agency Standard & Poor’s (S&P) recently raised Raymond James’ long-term issuer rating to ‘A-’. With this announcement, Raymond James now has A-level ratings with a stable outlook across all three major agencies of Fitch, Moody’s and S&P – a meaningful and positive distinguishment.

With over $1.2 trillion in client assets and a market capitalisation of $19 billion, Raymond James Financial is a world-respected financial business. In the UK, Raymond James Investment Services has over 46,000 client accounts and over £14 billion in client assets.

To be judged in terms of our compliance standards, customer satisfaction, growth trajectory and revenues and be included in the Raymond James’ Global Top Advisors, which is comprised of approximately 50 of the 9000 worldwide, is fabulous!

The conference delegates were able to hear insights and analysis from some of the world’s top thinkers with particular focus on future trends (not confined to the financial world), continuing global disruption and how human factors, as much as technology, will shape the future of financial advice.

Professor Michio Kaku, theoretical physicist, author and futurist, presented a talk based on over 300 interviews with the world’s top scientists. Professor Kaku described how revolutionary developments in medicine, computers, energy, quantum physics and space travel will change our lives and alter the course of civilisation.

Evan Osnos, staff writer at the New York Times, described how the growth of the USA and China and their interdependence is changing the global landscape, both politically and in business terms.

Sessions focusing on management strategies in a changing world, provided a fabulous introduction to the final session led by Dr Joseph Coughlin from Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Dr Coughlin described how social and technological forces are converging to re-shape the future of financial advice. The demographic realities of longer life and fewer children are challenging how people envision, prepare for and live each life stage, particularly older age. Processes increasingly being undertaken by algorithms and AI are disrupting the traditional role of the financial advisor. Tomorrow’s business of advice will remain financial, but the currency of client relationships will be profoundly human embodying conversations, content and comprehensive solutions to enable individuals and families to successfully navigate 100 years of life on the new longevity frontier.

The conference underlined how dynamic the world of investment really is, responding to changes that affect us all, some of which we cannot control. Our advice has to be sensitive to each client using the best technology available. I am looking forward to sharing my learning from the experience with the team here to the benefit of our clients.

We welcome anyone who is serious about their finances to book an initial consultation and investigate how the talented team at Raymond James Ribble Valley could help facilitate the financial future they envisage.

With investing, your capital is at risk. This article is intended for information purposes only and no action should be taken or refrained from being taken as a consequence without consulting a suitably qualified and regulated person.

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