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EMA Skin Aesthetics Ltd founder Emma Pearce tells us about a brand new ground-breaking treatment, the EMA Fractional Facial

Emma Pearce is the founder of renowned non-invasive skin clinic EMA Skin Aesthetics Ltd in Preston. Her passion for transformative results is clear and her latest treatment is possibly her most exciting offering yet.

“The EMA Fractional Facial is my new fractional skin treatment offering the most advanced aesthetic facial available today,” Emma says. “It combines two top level technologies to deliver truly remarkable and transformative results for your skin.

“The EMA Fractional Facial is ideal for remedying sagging skin, loss of elasticity, deep wrinkles, expression lines, fine lines, puffy eyes or drooping jowls,” says Emma. “It’s the answer you’ve been searching for if your skin is tired, dull or has lost its overall youthfulness.”

Emma explains how the EMA Fractional Facial works: “Nitrogen plasma energy transfers personalised mesotherapy to the skin’s epidermal layer, heating and disrupting the deeper dermal structure, particularly the fibroblasts. It rebuilds, strengthens and renews your skin from the core.

“The unique fractional and permeating Plasma Pen tips evenly distribute plasma. Dermapen mesotherapy then stimulates natural regeneration, releasing natural growth factors to stimulate fresh restructuring collagen. Combining both therapies enables me to deliver truly extraordinary results, transforming skin making it more youthful,” says Emma. There is little to no downtime and four treatments are recommended.

Emma’s loyal clientele turn to her for non-invasive, transformative skin treatments. Plasma pen at EMA is the leading targeted area treatment. “Plasma Pen achieves desired results without resorting to surgery or invasive treatments. It effectively regains your youthful looks beautifully and safely – while ensuring you still look like you,” says Emma.

“It’s phenomenal for the lower face and neck, tightening and erasing sagging jowls, turkey necks, marionette lines, smile and smokers’ lines, crows feet, puffy eyes, drooping eyelids and chest lines. Plasma Pen provides incredible results lasting up to three years with minimal downtime, a treatment that achieves true value.”

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