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Hedley and Co has the experience and the service to meet your investment needs, writes Kate Ford. Photography: Paul Currie

Many people may never consider employing the services of a stockbroker. They may believe them to be unapproachable, only available to the very wealthy, and operating exclusively in London with charges to match.
However, based on Winckley Square in Preston, Hedley and Co take great pride in meeting none of those criteria. One of the north west’s leading independent stockbrokers and wealth managers, they offer a tailor-made approach to investment, with a range of solutions finely-tuned to each client’s objectives.

The brokerage was originally founded in 1992 by Tony Hedley and Nick Baldwin, Tim Scott joined shortly afterwards, and all are still with the company. Employing an experienced team of investment managers alongside an investment strategist, they are currently responsible for some £330 million worth of clients’ assets.

Hedley offer an Execution Only service with no minimum investment, as well as Advisory and Discretionary Managed services. The Advisory Managed service enables clients to be involved with their portfolio if required. Its Managed Services require a minimum investment of circa £50,000.

“Between us, we have more than 100 years’ experience,” says investment manager, Darren Thornton, who has been in the sector almost 30 years. “This encourages confidence and trust in our services and is reflected in the performance of our portfolios when assessed against industry benchmarks.”

Hedley’s in-house strategist scrutinises investment opportunities in global markets, not just the UK. “This enables us to offer a full investment portfolio, using stocks and shares, as well as bonds and collective investments,” says Darren.

“This helps mitigate risk and is also more flexible than a longer-term plan, offered by a financial advisor, for example, as it allows our clients to access their funds in the short term, if required.”

Darren has lived in Lytham St Annes for over 40 years, and has built his experience working for a number of stockbrokers. As part of Hedley’s expansion, Grace Bury joined the firm in January 2017, with Matt Turner and Charlie Higham joining in spring 2018.

These new recruits indicate Hedley’s commitment to long term growth and longevity and are each progressing well towards Chartered Wealth Manager status.

“We perform administrative tasks, to help us understand how the brokerage operates,” says Charlie, “and we also sit in on client meetings, listening to the discussions and hearing the solutions being offered, which is invaluable.”

Matt agrees: “We’re learning first hand from people with years of experience and it really is the best way to develop our knowledge and grasp how the client-broker relationship works.”

Hedley’s approach is certainly very client-focused, with brokers taking time to establish exactly what a client’s financial needs and expectations are before deciding on the right investment strategy for them.

“Investing is for everyone, not just the wealthy,” says Darren. “We provide a service to anyone, from people who have a few hundred pounds to invest, to clients who require a more comprehensively managed service.”

Hedley and Co is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority

Hedley and Co
13b Winckley Square
Preston PR1 3JJ
01772 887880



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