New Year… New Financial Plan

Happy New Year! Everybody in the Raymond James Ribble Valley team wishes you and your family every good wish for 2024

How are your New Year resolutions going? Do you even make any? Most people’s resolve has diminished by the end of January but at Raymond James Ribble Valley (RJRV) we can help you keep probably the best resolution you’ll make – to review, understand and manage your financial future.

Based in the heart of Longridge, the team at RJRV works with new clients to devise an investment plan, which is aimed at meeting that individual’s financial goals. Those goals are specific to each person and could be anything from making sure you are able to fund a three-decade retirement, planning an exit from your business, funding a child’s education, or perhaps making sure your estate will end up with the people you want it to, for the reasons you choose. Or it might be giving you the confidence to enjoy the retirement you wished for from your years of work and saving.

So, is 2024 the year when you take control of your financial future and what might working with us entail?
• Understanding your goals. Where are you trying to get to? What would you like to be able to do, when would you like to do it and who do you want to share it with?
• Helping you review your current expenditure. Working with you we will help you question how you spend money in your day-to-day life. For example, how often do you use that gym subscription or streaming service? When was the last time you reviewed your utilities contracts? Could you consolidate debts and change them to interest free deals? When was the last time you set a household budget and stuck to it? Our professionals will help you take a cold, hard look at your outgoings and ask the tough questions you may have put off. The savings could be substantial.
• Calculating your current financial position. Pensions are often people’s second most valuable asset after their home but are frequently neglected. It is important that they are serviced and looked after accordingly, just like you would a car. For instance, such a considerable asset being invested largely out of line with your risk tolerance or an inappropriate asset allocation, could have a detrimental impact on your retirement plans. How much will your pension provide in retirement? How much should you be saving? How many years will your pension last at your desired standard of living before running out? We can help you answer these questions and devise a smart plan to help you achieve your retirement income goals.
• Consolidating your existing assets. It is often the case that individuals amass a variety of pensions, investments and policies over their lifetime. Consolidating two or more existing pensions into one plan can bring many advantages including the benefits of having to review only one savings plan, the potential to save on plan charges and ensuring your investment risk is understood holistically rather than across several portfolios.
• Assessing the risk to you. What could cost you your financial security and independence and what do we need to protect you from? What will happen to your financial security if the unexpected happens to you? How many times have you heard the news that someone has received a terrible diagnosis, or another person has died, and each time you have been surprised, because they seemed so healthy? We can help you arrange suitable protection that will protect you and your family in the event that you are the next unexpected person that ‘life happens to’.
• Taking the taxing out of tax. Taxes are part of life, but we don’t want you to have to pay any more tax than is necessary. We will work to achieve your plans and in doing so, maximise the benefits of the many tax allowances available to you, which leaves you with more money to spend on enjoying life.
• Building the plan and keeping it under review. Having understood what you want to achieve financially and reviewed where you are in relation to that goal, we will devise an investment strategy which reflects you as an individual, your risk profile, your age, your income potential. Then together we’ll keep it under review to check that you’re on track to meet your financial objectives.

At Raymond James Ribble Valley we aim to help clients grow their wealth, live off their wealth and pass on their wealth to loved ones. Our key service areas are savings and investments, pensions, tax-efficient retirement income, stockbroking and estate planning. More than that though we offer the financial strength, infrastructure and resources of a large multinational investment company, with access to world class systems and research. At the same time, we can provide the personable, quality service of an owner managed, local business whose commitment to the community it serves is embedded in its culture.

We don’t subcontract out to other service providers or companies – we have the capabilities, resources and expertise to do everything in-branch, in a full-service solution.

This allows our clients to deal face-to-face with specific specialists within our team of 21 based in Longridge and strips out layers of costs as clients aren’t paying several different companies for the solution they receive.

Why not make 2024 the year you resolve to have a free initial conversation with the team at Raymond James Ribble Valley? A warm welcome awaits.

Risk Warning: This article is intended for informational purposes only and no action should be taken or refrained from being taken as a consequence without consulting a suitably qualified and regulated person.

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