When something affects your ability to move comfortably, these skilled physiotherapists can restore you to full, pain-free mobility, writes Kate Ford. Photography: Roger Moore

Moving with ease and comfort is something often taken for granted. Most of us walk, stretch and bend every day and others push their bodies further by running, cycling or playing sport. When that ease of movement is compromised for any reason, it’s crucial to seek help quickly and the physiotherapy team at Spire Fylde Coast Hospital is an excellent place to start.

Physiotherapy uses different techniques to regain movement, increase flexibility, reduce pain and improve the way joints and muscles work. It is often recommended following an injury, illness or surgery but can also be used to treat back and neck pain, joint, ligament, muscle and tendon problems, posture issues and whiplash.

“Our treatment usually combines hands-on care with exercises and education to enable patients to maintain flexibility and movement,” explains Sarah Light, physiotherapy manager at Spire Fylde Coast. “We focus on body awareness and alignment, maintaining correct posture and using core strength, all supported by personalised exercise routines.”

Sarah joined Spire last summer, after many years in private practice, and has a fascinating background, being qualified in both general physiotherapy and animal physiotherapy. She has treated Team GB athletes, GB equestrian team members, professional sportspeople and countless patients recovering from surgery. She also has experience working with horses.

“Working with animals really helps to develop what we call our ‘sense of feel’, as animals cannot tell us where it hurts,” says Sarah. “This keen sense of feel helps me locate the exact source of the pain in my patients.”

One of Sarah’s recent patients can testify to her ability to pinpoint accurately the source of a problem. Harry Barton, a former dairy farmer turned carpenter, had knee replacement surgery late last year and received physiotherapy from Sarah after his operation.

“She could see I walked with a kink in my leg, the result of years living with pain, and she found the exact root of the problem in the tendons behind my knee,” says Harry. “As well as helping me regain full movement after my operation, Sarah has helped me to walk normally again.”

Sarah and her team combine a variety of techniques to maximise results. She includes sports pilates and acupuncture amongst her treatments and advocates shockwave therapy in dealing with plantar fasciitis or pain in the bottom of the foot.

Sarah is keen to point out that physiotherapy is not just for hip and knee replacement patients or injured sportspeople. “Anyone experiencing pain or discomfort which prevents them from moving naturally or living their normal life can get in touch with us for a course of treatment.”

Summing up his thoughts on the physiotherapy he received, Harry Barton says: “Sarah was brilliant. Her diligence and attention to detail were outstanding. I feel so lucky to have been treated by her.”

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