Object of Desire


Traditionally made and totally unique, this is part of a collection of luxury, designer sinks hand-finished and produced by the Whitebirk Sink Company. The company produces a range of own-brand classic white sinks, with a further collection featuring vibrant colours and modern, radical styling for the luxury kitchen and bathroom market. Produced in modest numbers, to retain the impeccable quality, the sinks are skilfully moulded, dried, glazed and fired at the company’s Whitebirk headquarters by a team of talented artisans and master craftsmen. The mottled effect on this particular sink is produced by adding a mix of oxides to the glaze, creating a beautiful, totally exclusive, finish.
Price: £1,000

The Whitebirk Sink Company Ribble Business Park, Challenge Way, Whitebirk, Blackburn BB1 5RB
01254 460321



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